13 January 2014

Letter 11: Hello Guimaras!

Dear Panimalay kag Mga Abyan,

This week I had hoped to send you a letter all about how I had my first baptism here.
But the investigator never came :(
He's been an investigator for about 5 years now, on and off. He's been dropped repeatedly because he had WoW problems, or he just wasn't progressing. But he finally was ready! I still don't understand a lot of what he says, but Sister Massé and I knew that he was excited for his baptism. So when he never showed up, and we went to his house, he told us he wouldn't be baptized. He and his family are supported by another church, and if he silos, they won't support them any longer. And his friends belong to that church, and he can't turn his back on them. Basically it was super sad, and Sister Massé and I are still recovering from the heartache. (What is this? A The missionary version of a good relationship gone bad breakup??)
But on a happier note, I just got off of GUIMARAS! I actually left Panay!
I promise I am in the city.
Anyway, we went as a zone activity, and it was pwede because 1) Central Zone is tiny. 2) We're closest to Guimaras. 3) Because we're cool like that.
Anyway, Guimaras: Sweetest Mangoes in the world! I didn't actually eat one there, but the mangos we buy on the street here are Guimaras Mangoes :)
We went spelunking! We didn't actually end up at the cave we were supposed to, but this one was still fun! I guess I can now check "Go Spelunking" off my bucket list!
We actually got really wet (had to wade through some water. . a lot) and while all the American Elders only had water up to their knees, I (Like all the Filipinos) was wet up to my hips. But anyway, I didn't slip and fall (well, into the water that is), or get my camera wet, so it all turned out well!
On Saturday we had Zone Interviews! It was really fun, and someone (I believe it was Sister Aquino) got the idea of rather than ordering food for everyone, the missionaries would cook! One Missionary from every apartment, the one that doesn't normally cook. So we brought up that everyone in our apartment cooks the same amount. So the missionara with the least experience. AKA: Me.
I learned some things about cooking. Like that I make Picadillio all wrong. Like that it supposed to be more meat that carrots, and that there are supposed to be potatoes (which is ridiculous. because potatoes are expensive) Filipinos are very serious about their food. But basically all you really need are the vegetables you have at home, some meat, and a sauce, and you're good. It's a meal!
And Some Elders decided to dress up with President. Hahaha, I can't even remember what those skirts are called right now.

If President wears one, then it's Pwede
We also received Cargo! We've been out of "The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ" (but Tagalog) Pamphlets for weeks! We finally have some again! (and a lot of other pamphlets. except for Plan of Salvation. The only one we're starting to be low on.) And we got Libro Ni Mormons! We've been out of those for a while too! Basically it's been like the apostasy . We know there is truth, but we knew not where to find it!
I've gotten into trying things from Tyunggis (Pronounced: Chungie) I tried Tyiko (or is it spelled Chiko?) Which basically is a fruit that tastes like brown sugar. And sweet potato. Sister Massé and I love them. But the two Pinays we worked with that night after we tried them said that Chiko is the one fruit they don't like! Strange right?
There was also Tumbis, which is a weird food from a tree. . . it's like a radish or something in texture, and is spicy and sweet all at the same time. Sister Massé says it tastes like Christmas.
it's still stormy and cold here. (it was freezing at church yesterday.) but it's getting a bit warmer. I'm so glad I brought some Jackets/Sweaters with me. (never thought I'd say that.)

Anyway. . .I feel like this letter is much shorter than normal, but maybe that's because I'm tired from hiking. . . (and as I look back on this letter, I realize I ramble a lot. Wow. I write long letters. . .Sorry to those who are also on missions and only have so much time to read and email.)
Palangga ko kamo! 

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