27 October 2014

Letter 52: 365 Days Later

Dearest Family and Friends, 

Abaw, Time flies, it's been over a year now that I've been wearing a tag that says mine and Christ's name over my heart. Crazy, no? The Elders of our district called to say "Congrats' and then proceeded to ask if our celebration would consist of cake and ice cream. We looked at each other and had a "You buy the Ice cream and I'll buy the cake!" And that's what we did. 
1 Year na Kami
1 Year pa Ako 
 So one year, come and gone, and another 6 to go! (which is ONLY FOUR TRANSFERS. And if you really think about it. If I stay in this area: New companion. So the transfer doesn't count because you have to get used to them. and then after that's it's a new area, and that doesn't count as a full transfer because it goes by to fast. and then after that it might be another companion, so that transfer doesn't count. and then it's the last transfer, and that doesn't count at all. So in reality. . I'm already at the end!.) (not really. I still have Dugay Pa! (a long time left!))

We went on Exchanges this week. Sister Quent came over with me to my area :) it was kinda funny, because we worked together the day before our year mark. Haha, it's funny how things have changed. We both speak a new language now (She still can't speak Ilonggo. haha. Pure Tagalog siya) and we actually both know how to teach! 

Sister Aquino came and worked with us a day! That was a surprise, so our plans of "No plans! lets to find people to teach" didn't fly. Instead we went to investigators and Less actives that we planned for the next day. Gotta love it. :) Her example was great. My favorite part is when we were teaching, and the lesson was going well, but was starting to end on a sour note, so she just took over and taught the Plan of Salvation! She's awesome. 

Sister Fabella has never gone caving on her mission, and so our district just went (despite that both I and Elder Walmer greatly dislike caving) so now I'm sitting in the Elder's area emailing in very wet pants and it's COLD. 
Have I ever mentioned that I think 65F is absolutely freezing? 

Anyway, it was fun because we ended with a . . Pruda (?) fight. Basically, you lay rice, meat (fish) and other food out of Banana leaves and all just eat it with your hands. YUM! 

4 Weeks of No one coming to church. Yay. Next week!!!!! 

Went to a Beach Baptism on Sunday. Got Sunburned. My neck and throat and back and head hurt. Been kinda miserable. haha. (I laugh because it's over. YAY.) 

Nanay Emma is Slowly getting rid of Coffee, and we got to teach Tatay kinda one of one. He's never really be seriously interested, so we mostly just invited him to be united with his wife in investigating the church (they literally do EVERYTHING together. But this.)

We're really trying to go out to an area that we've never really been, and find those prepared for us, but our plans keep changing and we can never make it out there. I really pray that we can get there this Friday, so that we can get some solid new investigators. 

Anyway. See you all in SIX MONTHS. 

I love you all, 
And all is Well, 
The Church is true, 
And the Book of Mormon is Too!

Sister Smith

ps. I'm sorry there are no pictures this week. (Sister Quent and I even took a cool "1 Year Na Kami" picture. But. . the Elders advised us NOT to plug our stuff into these computers. . .And I'm not very fond of viruses. both on my camera card and in my body)

(Mom's note: Hannah sent pictures with the next week's letter so I edited this post.)

20 October 2014

Letter 51: Don't Worry, God has a Plan

Dearest Panimalay kag mga Abyan,

This week was an "Things are getting better, slowly" week. (even if no one came to church. . . again,. . *sigh*)

Today, I think I should just testify that God's Plan of Salvation is PERFECT and True, and how lucky we are that He has not only prepared one Kingdom for His Children, but THREE. That's something I find I've never really written about. Mostly it's "Prophets are True. The Church is true. Heavenly Father loves us." This random testimony probably comes from the fact that our investigator told us that he doesn't like our "Mormon doctrine of Three Glories, and that We should teach it like the bible does with just "Langit kag Imperyno" and that we should be going to people telling them that they're going to go to "Imperyno" unless they join the "Mormon Church"" 

(not that he wants to join the church. Needless to say, he's "Dropped us." Also he believes in the bible and only the bible, but not in 1 Corinthians 15:40-41 btw) 

Anywho, just wanted to say that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and that He has better plans then just Condemning His children, and that Jesus Christ suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the Cross of Calvary just for us to be able to repent of our sins, and one day have Eternal Glory in the Celestial Kingdom of His Father. (Sa ngalan ni JesuKristo, Amen.)

Other Cool things of this week: 

We taught Nanay Emma about the Word of Wisdom, and she's now giving up Coffee. I wish all investigators responded to the WoW like she did, "Of course it needs to go. I didn't drink it yesterday, and my head hurt. I must be ADDICTED. That's bad!" 

The Elders in our district are awesome and did a CSP at our house.They 
1. Cut down the Branches in the tree with a Machete (there's much more light now. it's less spooky at night and more inviting during the day.)
One of many Scary Spiders that live here. 
2. Lit all those branches and leaves on fire, (yay that's totally legal here.)
3. And made our fence chicken proof. (there were chickens in our yard the next morning) 
Elder Fogavai in our tree
It's funny how it works. They come do the hard labor, we make the food. haha. Somehow it reminds me of the talk by Elder Chi Hong Wong, about the man with Palsy

"His home teaching companion from the elders quorum and the tall and strong full-time missionary would have pushed really hard from below. The Relief Society sister would have reminded them to be careful and given them words of encouragement."

It made me laugh last week :)

Interviews were fun, (Yay Chastisement (or: Improvement opportunities!)) and so was District Conference (I definitely prefer President Aquino giving Improvement Opportunities to the Members. haha) 

The church is true!

I love you all, 
And all is Well, 
Sister Smith

13 October 2014

Letter 50: Rain Rain Go Away

Dear Family and Friends, 

Normally, when I sit here in the Computerhan I think about how fast the week has gone and nothing new has happened, and it feels like just yesterday I was sitting here. But today, I feel like it's been weeks since I've sat at this computer. . even though not much is new. Again. But that Number 50 at the top of this letter is pretty big. . .whoa.
Selfie in a Tricycle
Zone meeting was last week. Once again it comes and goes. Stressing over training comes and goes. Interviews were supposed to be last week, but instead they'll be this week.

So for some big news: I was told for the first time in my mission to "Stay Home, Do Not Go Outside" because of the weather. It rained for 24 Hours, and then rained most of the time for another 24 hours, and then rained a bit more for another day after that.  We actually went out for the first day, and we came home completely soaked to the bone. We got a call around 7pm telling us to go home (which was funny, because I was already home in my sweats and a jacket, heating up some water for a cup of Milo) We got another call the next morning telling us to not go out. And then we were told we could go out around 4:30pm that evening. Saturday we went out in the morning to invite people to come to General Conference, I forgot my umbrella (Sometimes I'm so not smart) and the sunny weather turned into a downpour. Came home Soaked, and then went to General Conference. 

Of course we don't have running water during all of this, but hey, there was an endless supply falling off our roof being caught into several buckets outside.
Catching Rainwater
There are pros and cons to Rain water showers: Cons: it's REALLY Cold. And there's a few twigs and leaves at the bottom of the bucket you decide to ignore. 

Pro: Rain Water is good for your hair. 

Anyway. Now the sun is shining and it feels hot again. Funny how quickly the weather changes

Nanay Emma is doing good (even if she did her Laundry instead of coming to church) We taught the Word of Wisdom, and she said it wouldn't be a problem to give up coffee

General Conference was AWESOME. (I rediscovered that I'm loosing my English vocabulary. I sat there for a few minutes trying to figure out what President Uchtdorf meant when he kept saying "Vistas") 

But seriously, how amazing is it that Heavenly Father loves us so MUCH that He calls 15 Prophets, Seers, and Revelators in this dispensation to help us along our way? I know Thomas S. Monson to be God's Prophet here on the Earth today. I was sad that no instigators or Less actives in our area made it to conference, but hopefully next week, some of them come to church :) 

The Church is TRUE, and Guided by Jesus Christ at the Head. 

I love you all! (a lot!) 

-Sister Smith
FHE at Nanay Bico's

06 October 2014

Letter 49:

Dear Family and Friends, 

Things are going well here in the Pilipinas. I'm in Iloilo right now for our SM day, and goodness, my hands are FREEZING because of the Air Con in this Computerhan. That will also be what I blame my bad spelling and bad grammar on this week :) cold fingers. (but seriously. I'm so cold right now)

This week was a slow week here on Guimaras. We went to MLC so we were MIA. 

Friday we cleaned our apartment, YAY!

Whoops! My Pinky hit the Enter key and it accidentally sent my letter! I wasn't even close to finishing it. 


Cleaned the apartment! Yay! But it's a little difficult to clean when your water decides to turn off.  *sigh* oh well. We cleaned up a lot of the stuff outside, and took Elder Taylor's advice, and called the elders to tell them they should have a CSP to clean up the jungle we have growing in our front yard. (and fix our fence.) 

We also went out with the Taylors to a member that lives WAY far away. Did I ever tell you about the time Sister Haun and I went out there by ourselves and had to walk home for 3 hours out of the mountains? Yeah, it's more convenient when the Couple missionaries are headed out that way anyway, and are willing to give you a ride in their truck :)
The Taylors
I've been super tired ever since Transfers, even to the point of actually going to bed early (not too hard, when you get home at 7pm) But all I needed was a nice good power-nap during lunch on Thursday. I believe in the power of naps! Even Christ took naps! Remember, when he's sleeping on that boat and the tempest is raging? And what does he do when he's awoken? Calms the raging sea! Naps are good for you!

Had some good ups and downs. Down: Our recent convert told us that Alcohol is Bawal (forbidden) except for when your hanging out with friends, so you can take one or two shots so that you don't seem like a kill joy. (we taught him the importance of obedience.)

Up: the General Women's meeting was AWESOME! As in! I loved it. (except for the fact that it made me want to buy a plane ticket for Cebu and go to the temple. and my companion looked at me and said, "I go in FIVE weeks." Palagpat.)

Down: No Investigators came to church

Up: Nanette had her baby and he's ADORABLE. :)

UP: THANKS FOR THE BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!! Dad, what am I supposed to do with so many CD's? Everyone at MLC was like, "Sister Smith, only you would be sent a jacket while staying in the Philippines." and Thank you SO MUCH for the Burt's Bee's! I just ran out of my chapstick (I finished one with out loosing it! I'm sad to see my "Future True Aggie" chapstick finished. (Not that I'll ever be an Aggie anyway)) and was worried about getting a nice new one :) Thanks for Being Awesome. 

All's well, I Love You All! 
The Church is true, and Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.

Until Next week, 
Sister Smith
Luke 6:48