27 November 2013

Letter 5 (Lima): The Last MTC Letter

Hello! So I don't get a Pday this week! (We did our laundry early this morning before breakfast instead) So I'm emailing during TALL (computer language learning time) instead!

So Friday we said goodbye to our coach, Brother Speiser. He left for Thanksgiving, and doesn't return until after we've left! We all really miss him! I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my life, due to just one person! Actually. . . our district is just always laughing about something. . . . we're a bit ridiculous. . .
Last day with Brother Speiser
We really miss him
SO WE GOT OUR FLIGHT PLANS! Guess who has a 27 hour layover in LAX? Joke lang, we USED to have a 27 hour layover, now it's only 3 hours. We went to the travel office with the question of, "So what are we supposed to be doing for 27 hours? Do we stay at the airport the entire time? Do we get to go to a hotel for the night?" and they responded by changing our flight plans instead! We leave (our trio, the rest of the district leaves Monday) Sunday afternoon, before Sacrament Meeting, on a Fast Sunday. . . that's going to be fun. . . . Yeah, Indi Maayo. (No good) But I will be in Iloilo on the 4th! (Well. . . it will be the third here. . . ) That's crazy. . . Next letter from me will be from the PHILIPPINES.

So I got that DearElder at the same time as my flight plans, and I knew exactly what is was!! Tell Andrew I totally guessed he would be going to Russia!! (Even if I said so as a joke. . .I TOTALLY CALLED IT) But I was more excited to find out he got his call than I was to get my flight plans. . . . Definitely got my priorities strait.
Elder Gang in my district is a twin. The other Elder Gang is just down the hallway learning Tagalog, and apparently one of our teachers had No Idea that there were two Gangs in the Building. It only took him five weeks to find out, and one embarrassing moment of mistaking one for the other to figure it out.

Even more happened on Friday (it was a day full of stuffs. . .) I got a Package! (That I had to pay for. . . thanks Lynnie. . . Apparently forever stamps only cover so much weight. . .) It's a cute little water bottle from Amberlyn, and it's pretty adorable! Though sometimes I can't take it seriously because it's shaped like a jersey, and Sister Tamang said that it looks like I'm sucking someones brain's out when I'm drinking from it! Hahaha! I Love it though!

Sharly sent me Nutella! I'm really stocking up on all these sweets (because Sister Leifson always gives hers away), luckily I have room in my bags for it!

And thanks for the Package! I literally got it half an hour ago! And I promise I haven't opened the Christmas Presents (even if I have already made a guess as to what they are). I haven't been able to try the shirt on yet, but I love it! And I think it will fit fine! And I love all the pictures! They're wonderful!

Last night I finally got to sing in the MTC choir for Tues. Night Devotional (because last time no one wanted to go with me, and the time before that I was sick. . .) It was super fun, and now Sister Moser goes with me! Michael John U. Teh of the Seventy spoke, and because he's from the Philippines, he asked all those who were going to serve in the Philippines to stand up. Yep, that was an awesome feeling! Because we were in the choir last night, we'll be in the choir for tomorrow morning automatically, and a Senior Apostle (or so the rumor goes. It is for sure an apostle though. President Nalley told the choir that) is going to be speaking! They've told us that the next month is going to be awesome, too bad I leave the First! (Not really.. . . I want that Tropical weather for Christmas!)

Our new Tacloban district got their reassignments today! Two elders (Morgan and Jones) will be joining us in Iloilo! I don't know who else is going where, but there are a few going up north to a Tagalog speaking mission, and a few going to Bacolod instead. 
Some of the New Zone! They're pretty cool!
The language is going really well! Of course it's still hard, and in the field it's going to be even harder, but I can't wait to be immersed in that culture! (even if it means I only get a few more days of a hot shower. . .)

And now I'm sitting here, looking through my journal, trying to think of the things I should write about next, and not sound like I'm rambling too much. . So much happens in a week! So instead I guess I'm just not going to take up my entire hour! (What is this?) and work on some Portal Tasks (Like watch the rest of the Health and Safety video. . Joy!)

Anyway, Palangga ko kamo! Matuod ang Ebanghelyo!

-Sister Smith

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