04 December 2013


Osmeña Street, Arevalo, 5000 Iloilo City

4 December 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Lance Henry Smith
3632 Teaberry Drive
Taylorsville, UT 84129 United States

Dear Brother and Sister Smith,

            We are Thrilled and happy as we welcome your daughter to the Philippines Iloilo Mission. She is assigned to Jaro 2B in Iloilo Central Zone. Her first companion is Sister Masse', from (Newberg, Oregon, United States) an able and faithful missionary.

            The attached picture was taken at the mission office shortly after she arrived. It will bring joy and reassurance of her safe arrival. We are also sending you her picture with her “batch mates”, who arrived here in Iloilo with her. Just like your daughter, they too have volunteered to serve the Lord.

        Our fondest hope and prayer is that each missionary here will serve with diligence and obedience, will fulfill an honorable mission, and then return home safely with increased faith and determination to serve the Lord. Your regular Inspirational letters to her will be an important part of her experience and will be a source of strength and motivation. This period of selfless service is an exceptional opportunity for your daughter to grow and mature as a child of God.

            Please feel free to write me at any time if you have questions or need information about your daughter. We will extend the kind of love you showered upon her to the best of our capacity. Thank you for entrusting her to the Lord and to us.

With warmest regards,
Mission President

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  1. We are thrilled to have your daughter, as our daughters companion!! All our love to your family and our daughters!
    Love, Sister Masse