10 February 2014

Letter 15: Just another Normal Week

Dearest Panimalay kga mga Abyan,
It's funny how I've been living on Panay for 2 months now, so things are just. . Normal. It's all still crazy (because missionary life is always crazy) but it's funny how the crazy becomes expected and you aren't botherd by it in the least.

Well, I made it a week without SUGAR! but I didn't make it with the Gluten, we went to teach our Bishop's helper and Bishop's wife insists on feeding us whenever we come over to teach (lets call her. .) Gina. (which is nice, because we never have dinner appointments) She was disappointed when I told her I was gluten free too, because she'd made me a sandwich. So Sister Massé gave me permission to eat it, and I promised to go one extra day without gluten. Which means I won't be eating the spaghetti or the cake at family home evening tonight, but that's okay. After all, I love elephants, and we should all strive to be like Horton. "I meant what I said, and I said what I meant. An Elephant's Faithful,  100 Percent."
Due to the Apostasy of Sugar (haha, this week is the Restoration) I had to try something else for breakfast besides oatmeal (which doesn't taste good unless it has SOME sugar in it.) So I went for Eggs! But No Ketchup allowed (as in, the ketchup I have is literally called "Sweet style" and has more sugar than really should be necessary.) So Sister Massé and I really got into Smoothies this week. Filipino smoothie stands are okay, but for some reason Pinoys like more ice than fruit. So in making my own, it was great because there was more fruit than ice, and it was DELICIOUS (gotta love those super sweet bananas and pineapple slices)

hm... Really, too much hasn't happened this week. Sister Massé and I refuse to say "WHEN Sister Massé transfers," only "IF One of Us Transfers." (because for some reason everyone has been talking about transfers this transfer, even though they aren't until the end of February. And since Sister Massé has been in this area 6 months, everyone is VERY sure that my Nanay will be leaving and I'll be leading the area)
We started teaching the man who came to church two weeks ago and said, "I want to be baptized." Basically he's really prepared but we have to teach him all the missionary lessons before he can be baptized. Hopefully everything can be done in an orderly fashion. (what am I kidding? Orderly Fashion doesn't exist here)
The other sisters in our ward had a baptism on Saturday :) It's so great seeing others come into the church!

When it rains it RAINS. I've still yet to actually have a day where the street floods, but it rained for 2 hours on Saturday, and No one was home, so Sister Massé and I walked around in the rain for probably an hour and 15 minutes trying to find someone to teach us. Yeah, I got pretty wet by the end of it. (and by wet, I also mean it got cold when the sun went down.)
Sister Massé and I have discovered one of our greatest challenges. We both always strive to be "Exactly Obedient," and it actually isn't too hard. The hard part is when those around you are using their agency and choosing not to be. But isn't that what this is all about? Our agency! Showing others the gospel of Christ, and allowing them the CHOOSE whether or not to accept it.

Well, I know The Gospel's True! And I love you all! 

Until Next time, 

Sister Smith 

I love the kids here, they're so cute! Whenever we walk down the street the group of them (which normally has several more kabata-an (children)) always call "Seester!" Gotta love it when everyone knows your name. Haha. 

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