24 February 2014

Letter 17: Training is Over, but Life is still Crazy

Dearest Panimalay Kag Mga Abyan,
Next week I was going to write you all about my First Baptism.
But as you can probably tell. . . I won't be.
Sister Massé and I made a List of "For Sure Persons To be Baptized"
1: Never showed up to the baptism.
2: Mother Refused to give permission for the Baptism.
3: Is now residing is a Safe-house.
So here's the story about Candidate Number 3:
He came to church about a 5 weeks ago and said, "I want to be baptized." So basically we've been teaching him every week and making sure that he wants to join the church for all the right reasons, etc. Basically after 5 weeks of knowing this person, if you were to ask me about him, I would have to quote a member of the ward, "He's a good man." Like seriously, he's so giving, and great faith.
So he passed his baptismal interview, and has his baptism date for this Saturday. But because it was Stake Conference today, we didn't see him at church. So last night we called him to check up on him, and set up appointments for this week. When a police man answers his phone.
So apparently there was a huge drugs bust in his neighborhood (we knew there was drug dealing where he lives, which is why we only taught him at the church, at his request. He didn't want us in that part of our area.) And it was a big deal and everything. Of course our baptismal candidate wasn't apart of it, but as a witness to everything (and probably one of the people who reported it. Like I said, he's a good man, he believes in doing the right thing gid.) he is now with the police, in safe-house for his only well-being for the next couple weeks.

We ended the call and just sat there going, "What just happened? What just Happened?!" Needless to say, Sister Massé and I were a bit confused, but we know that things happen for a reason. So we're trying to see this all as a blessing. All we know is that this man is determined to be baptized. So for now, we'll just have to wait and see God's plan for him.
Anyway. That all happened about 13 hours ago. So It's a bit hard to think about all the things that happened this week. Really. Yesterday was just crazy.
The stake Presidency was reorganized. Elder Arden of the Area 70 was there (I think he went and shook everyone's hand.) The Bishop of our ward is now the Second Counselor in the Stake, So now we're all just waiting for Sunday to come around so we can find out who the new bishop of the ward is. 
We dropped an instigator we really didn't want to drop yesterday (lots of things happened yesterday). Like, you know someone really isn't listening when you've told them for 5 lessons that gambling is a sin, and that God commands that we keep that Sabbath day holy, and still doesn't get it when Sister Massé says ,"Your Justifications will cost you your Exaltation." (he justifies everything he does 'God understands me. I'm only human" and stuff) It was a really hard thing to drop him because he is so close to everything, but refuses to accept it (basically, the most hardheaded man I've ever met.) even though he loves us visiting us (we are the Two Angels, and the Member that works with us is the Guiding Star. I'm completely serious. He's told us that several times.)
But when the Spirit tells you to tell him that if he doesn't follow all God's commandments then he isn't serving God. And if he's not serving God, he's serving the adversary. And he STILL doesn't get it, there's not much else you can do. .
Congradulations to Sharly on her MISSION CALL! Arkansas Little Rock is gonna be taken by storm :). Also, speaking of ASL serving, we met three deaf persons the other day. Sister Massé just turned to me and went, "Ready?" haha, Nope, but I tried. They were very patient with my slow signing, and they don't actually live in our area, so we gave them a pamphlet.
Literally so much happened this week. I can't even write about it all. We were so punted one day. We had a less active work with us. It was great!
We Finished the 12 Week program. I'm officially done training (Unless I get a follow up trainer. If I train after 12 weeks like Sister Massé I might go into shock.)
I have to try Balut within the next three days before transfers (I promised I would)
I love reading the Bible. It's so amazing. I LOVE the Word of God! Even if it can be confusing and hard to understand. I love the Life of David. I love the son of Saul, Jonathan. I think he's my favorite. I hope to be as good a friend to others as he was to David.
I love these people. I LOVE this mission. I seriously am so thankful for the age change, because this is where I'm meant to be at this time in my life.
I know that even though Sister Massé and I have had so many trials, we'll see the rewards too.
I love you all so much, and I know that without a doubt that this gospel is true.
Have a great week!
-Sister Smith

A Book of Mormon from 1961. An instigator we started teaching last week said to us, "I started reading a book." "Oh really?" and then he places this on the table in front of us. It's his brother's. We were in shock, it was like looking at an ancient artifact.

I wore thru my first pair of rubbers shoes. I guess that's what 50 pesos will get you, 2 transfers worth of walking. But hey, at least my feet dry after they get wet. 

Mom's note: I love the misspelled words in each of her letters. I think it means her brain is doing Ilonggo while she is typing in English. With this letter I enjoyed the use of the word instigator instead of investigator, at least she used the same word each time.

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