21 April 2014

Letter 25: What a Holy Week

Dearest Panimalay kag mga Abyan,

(last week I named my letter Week 24 instead of Letter 24. Whoops. hahaha. Realized that AFTER I'd sent it. Also, I am once again on the computer that has the sticky L key. *sigh*)
Anyway, moving on. This week actually wasn't that Holy or anything for me, but because I'm dwelling in a Catholic Country, you'll be interested to know that Catholics don't care much about Easter Sunday (the Day Christ came BACK TO LIFE). No, they care more about the previous days of the week. *sigh*  

Holy Week is HUGE here, It's great, because everyone is remembering the Atonement of Christ and remembering that he died for us. But then everyone is at church Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. *sigh* 

So it's a bit difficult for the Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to not have their appointments fall through. PERO! Due to a loving Heavenly Father and His Mercy, Sister Taufanga and I were still able to have a good week :). 

Easter doesn't feel like Easter. Holidays just come and go for me, they don't really mean much when you're serving Heavenly Father. Souls to save are much more important than a holiday. :)

The hottest week of the year is supposed to be Holy Week. But what did it do? Rain. All the Filipinos were confused. 

Sister Taufanga is great :) 

She was a bit homesick this week (and by homesick, I mean that she REALLY misses her family (she is the oldest of 12), but still really wants to serve) I am forever grateful to worthy priesthood holders. Our District Leader and his Companion stopped by and gave her a blessing. Then about half an hour later, President Aquino called (The missionary Chismis (That's Ilonggo for Gossip. I also have NO idea how it's supposed to be spelled.) travels FAST. hahaha.) Anyway, he called and asked if we wanted to come down to talk with him. 

It was just what Sister Taufanga needed. :) It's so nice that our mission president is so aware of all his missionaries and their needs. (it's also nice that we're not too far from the mission office.) 

Trying to get used to having not as much proselyting time (loving the 2 hours of Companion study. Also, Sister Massé and I were instructed to not have studies on Sundays or Tuesdays, but now that I'm training, we have studies on those days again. And I we just do NOT have as much time to proselyte as I'm used to,. Slowly getting into the flow of it.) 

SIX MONTHS IN TO THE MISSION. Can you believe it's been that long? Can you believe I have ONE YEAR LEFT? Only a year! That's way too fast! 

No Pictures: Pasensya. (sorry) I left my camera cord at home. . . whoops. 

Lovin' the Mission. 
Lovin' the Work
And of course, Love the Lord. 

See you in a year! (Way to fast! Where did that time GO?)

Love forever,
Sister Smith

ps Is it bad that I'm sad I missed the Earthquake? Oh well. I'm sure I'll experience one eventually. 

Anyway, I have to hurry and order a Tongan Preach My Gospel before Sister Taufanga sees. (haha) 

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