28 April 2014

Letter 26:

Dearest Panimalay kag mga abyan,

I have a question, why does the woman that owns this computer cafe keep turning on computer 17 for me? I really am sick of the sticky
L key. . .  Annnnd- Moving on. (but seriously? why?) 

First of all - Got your letter Nanay! It takes a month for mail to get to me! I really loved getting the Smith Family Picture! I got it during district meeting (when we get our cargo) and everyone was like, "Where are you? I don't see you!" "I'm right here, in the bottom left corner." and then they would just look at me, look at the picture, and look at me. haha, I guess I really look different? 

I'm sad to see that picture of our tree! I already miss it. Please to tell me you're going to plant a new one. . . .

 To answer your questions, Mom,

"So how is the Philippines?"
-- Hot. Like, Hot and Humid and wonderful. But really hot. 

"Are your investigators progressing?"
-- Yes! Not always, but this week I was so surprised when I asked an investigator, "H", where she was in her Libro Ni Mormon, and she pulled it out, and she's all the way in Jacob 3! Like, she's seriously reading it. (Still won't commit to baptism, but hey, amat-amat (little by little))

"E" is still working on getting Sundays off. 

"R" didn't get his paycheck, so he wasn't able to jeepney to church.

"G" is awesome and could totally be baptized next week, but we can only teach her once a week. So more: Amat-amat! 

Have a new investigator, "J", who's 18 and awesome. We taught her once, and the next time we came back she asked, "Who's Joseph Smith?" (I'm so impressed when someone actually READS the pamphlet.) then when we taught her about Book of Mormon, we told her that she would receive an answer it was true, if she prayed. And before moving on to the part of the lesson about how the Holy Ghost answers us, she asked, "How? How will I receive an answer?" She's seriously awesome. 

"How is your companion doing with the language and the mission?"  
-- Sister Taufanga is GREAT! She's learning her Hiligaynon from mine (which is, of course, incomplete) through English, her second language, and she learned Tagalog in the MTC. It's a challenge, but I've really seen her improve in three weeks! She's so good with the mission. She LOVES teaching. And she loves this work, she loves talking to people, even if she doesn't understand a thing they say to her. I'm (overall) very humbled to be her companion. 

"How is it having to be the one leading your area?"
-- Ayos Lang (just alright)  Sister Massé actually made me lead the area last transfer. So it's not too bad.

"In general how is missionary life?"
 -- Hard. But rewarding and good. 

A lot of things happened this week. We had exchanges (hahaha, my STL used to serve in my ward! hahaha, So many people were surprised to see her!) learned a lot from her. Loved teaching with her :) 

Zone Training was awesome. Actually have STLs in our zone now, so we got some training from them, instead of just the Zone Leaders. Gotta love the getting pumped up for the work!

For my Six Months into the mission, I was rewarded with a Less Active saying (in the words of his daughter) "Not very favorable words" to me. Used to the Non-members not always liking us, but not a member. But hey, this work is a bed a roses, it's great and beautiful, but sometimes you get some thorns. 

The other sisters in the ward had a baptism on Saturday! I love going to baptisms! It was great to see Brother Cesar get baptized, it was such a struggle for him, but he came to church about 10 times in a row, was really warmly welcomed into the ward, and is now there to stay :)

It was National Service Day on Saturday. So we went to the Plaza (park) and picked up trash, and cleaned up the Elementary school too! 
Rockin' those Yellow Mormon Helping Hands vests! You know, sometimes at the end of the day I look at my tan line and think "Wow, I've gotten so tan!" but then I see a picture of me with a group of people, and I just think, "Yep, still puti gid. (really white)"

I did good and wrote some letters last Monday to send during the week (so they wouldn't be late to the US) but then the Post Office was closed. . oh well. Looks like I'll just never truly get the timing down anyway. 

Anyway, Signing off!

Palangga Ta Kamo! (or is it Palangga Ko kamo? I really need to ask someone)

-Sister Smith

Gotta love the graffiti they come up with :)

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