03 November 2014

Letter 53: Goodbyes are Never Easy

Dearest family and friends!

It's another week gone and done in the Philippines! it's crazy how time flies!

Big news: Sister Fabella went home. Sent her off in a taxi after a last breakfast at Macdo. (her favourite. and there are no Macdos on Guimaras. So it was fun taking her to one in the city before departing.)  

I really admire My lola. She really went the right way. NOT trunkie and working hard just as always.She's awesome, and I hope I'm like her in 6 months. (palangga ta ka sister! halong ka guid so imo bago nga kabuhi!) 
Returning with Honor
Hugs Goodbye
the next stage of Life. haha. 
whoops. I seem to have taken a bit too much time doing other things today. FIVE MINUTE LETTER START AND GO. 

Alright. umm... AH. New investigators are awesome! Eric and Jessa were a referal from the Elders on the end of the island. They are AMAZING. We've been teaching them for about 2 weeks and Jessa has already said yes to baptism and Eric says, "I'm catholic, but I'll support her." they are so awesome. (by the way. Eric is an ilonggo born and raised in Guam. so he's an american citizen who completely understand english (understands and speak ilonggo now too) and I probably understand more tagalog that he does!) The only problem is that they aren't marrried. . .and can't get married until Eric pays his Overstay Fee because his Visa ran out. *sigh* obstacles to come over. 

No one came to church. Is it just because I'm in this area? I can't decided. (this happened last time too.)

So I'm going to be in a Trio with Sister Quent and Sister Scicluna for the next Three days. FUN! Mostly just waiting to find out if I transfer and my area is whitewashed, or if I stay. That's life right now. 

Time's up! Sorry it's short!

I love you!
Sister Smith
In a Tricycle
Cool Tag Shot

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