27 October 2014

Letter 52: 365 Days Later

Dearest Family and Friends, 

Abaw, Time flies, it's been over a year now that I've been wearing a tag that says mine and Christ's name over my heart. Crazy, no? The Elders of our district called to say "Congrats' and then proceeded to ask if our celebration would consist of cake and ice cream. We looked at each other and had a "You buy the Ice cream and I'll buy the cake!" And that's what we did. 
1 Year na Kami
1 Year pa Ako 
 So one year, come and gone, and another 6 to go! (which is ONLY FOUR TRANSFERS. And if you really think about it. If I stay in this area: New companion. So the transfer doesn't count because you have to get used to them. and then after that's it's a new area, and that doesn't count as a full transfer because it goes by to fast. and then after that it might be another companion, so that transfer doesn't count. and then it's the last transfer, and that doesn't count at all. So in reality. . I'm already at the end!.) (not really. I still have Dugay Pa! (a long time left!))

We went on Exchanges this week. Sister Quent came over with me to my area :) it was kinda funny, because we worked together the day before our year mark. Haha, it's funny how things have changed. We both speak a new language now (She still can't speak Ilonggo. haha. Pure Tagalog siya) and we actually both know how to teach! 

Sister Aquino came and worked with us a day! That was a surprise, so our plans of "No plans! lets to find people to teach" didn't fly. Instead we went to investigators and Less actives that we planned for the next day. Gotta love it. :) Her example was great. My favorite part is when we were teaching, and the lesson was going well, but was starting to end on a sour note, so she just took over and taught the Plan of Salvation! She's awesome. 

Sister Fabella has never gone caving on her mission, and so our district just went (despite that both I and Elder Walmer greatly dislike caving) so now I'm sitting in the Elder's area emailing in very wet pants and it's COLD. 
Have I ever mentioned that I think 65F is absolutely freezing? 

Anyway, it was fun because we ended with a . . Pruda (?) fight. Basically, you lay rice, meat (fish) and other food out of Banana leaves and all just eat it with your hands. YUM! 

4 Weeks of No one coming to church. Yay. Next week!!!!! 

Went to a Beach Baptism on Sunday. Got Sunburned. My neck and throat and back and head hurt. Been kinda miserable. haha. (I laugh because it's over. YAY.) 

Nanay Emma is Slowly getting rid of Coffee, and we got to teach Tatay kinda one of one. He's never really be seriously interested, so we mostly just invited him to be united with his wife in investigating the church (they literally do EVERYTHING together. But this.)

We're really trying to go out to an area that we've never really been, and find those prepared for us, but our plans keep changing and we can never make it out there. I really pray that we can get there this Friday, so that we can get some solid new investigators. 

Anyway. See you all in SIX MONTHS. 

I love you all, 
And all is Well, 
The Church is true, 
And the Book of Mormon is Too!

Sister Smith

ps. I'm sorry there are no pictures this week. (Sister Quent and I even took a cool "1 Year Na Kami" picture. But. . the Elders advised us NOT to plug our stuff into these computers. . .And I'm not very fond of viruses. both on my camera card and in my body)

(Mom's note: Hannah sent pictures with the next week's letter so I edited this post.)

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