19 January 2015

Letter 64: Testimony of the Four Witnesses

Hello Brothers and Sisters!

So big news, I just got here from a WEDDING. :) Hernie and Chonna got married this morning in the Mayor's Office. (Side Note. I also met the Mayor.) 

of course it started 1.5 hours late, and then the Mayor talked for a long time. But they got married (They forgot a ring for Chonna! But luckily they were able to borrow a CTR ring from Sister Haun. hahaha) 
The Line
I got to sign as a witness. So that's kinda cool :) (as in VERY COOL) and also, here they consider the Witnesses of the Marriage the "Ninay and Ninoy" (Godmother and Godfather) of their marriage, to help them continue to prosper here. . . so I'm a Ninay! (and so are all my housemates. hahaha) 

Good news: Loren, Rene, and Hernie all passed their Baptismal Interviews.

Loren is inviting all her friends to her baptism on Saturday :)

Zone Conference is this week. . .so that means I get on a Ceres bus at 5 In the morning, travel all the way to Iloilo (a 2 to 3 hour drive, depending on traffic and weather), have the meeting, then go all the way back home and try to be home by curfew. SIGH. oh well. At least I'll get to see my trainer one last time before she leaves :) (and I'll get to meet my sister. Did I mention I have a fellow, "trained by Massé" in the mission?)

We also had exchanges this week. I got to spend the day with my old companion! Sister Haun! It was great. But the 1 RS sister that was supposed to come with turned into 3? That was a little stressful, because after they showed up, NO ONE was home! But it turned out all right. We visited an LA sister, and she was super happy to see someone other than the missionaries visit. :)
Some RS Sisters Came too!
Went on Exchanges with an Old Friend :)
 I've met too many people here. A bishop from the first stake I served in visited the branch (his wife is from here) and was like, "Oh, so this is where you ended up Sister Smith." and I was like, (in my mind) "I don't remember who you are. . . how do I know you???" But eventually I remembered. haha. Too many people in 18 months. 

this Letter is short. Life is Good. 

I love you all! 
The Church is True

Sister Smith

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