12 January 2015

Letter 63

Hello Family and Friends, 

I'm doing well on this side of the world! 
I seriously can't get over this view!
It's funny that Dad just sent me an email about "The Common Cold Prefers Colder Tempatures" because I just recovered from a cold (again. haha) Wanna hear a little fact about the mission of Sister Smith? She has gotten sick EVERY transfer. (some times it's at the beginning of one transfer and then 12 weeks later before the end of the next transfer. . sometimes it's just a small 1 to 3 day thing. . .but yeah. every transfer. Let's hope that pattern will break.)

But due to the concern of one loving companion and two lovely housemates, I was forced to stay home and rest a few hours even though I wasn't that sick, which probably got me better faster. (like many missionaries. . .I'd rather just work than sit at home! I'm sure Mom is thinking, "Wow, that's changed!)

Anyone want good news? Because I have some:

I get to go to a WEDDING next Monday! :D Hernie and Chona are getting Married on Monday, Hernie will be baptized on Friday or Saturday (there is some scheduling conflicts right now.) and are already saving to go to the TEMPLE in January 2016! 

Loren gave the best definition for "Repentance" I've ever heard while we reviewed the baptismal interview questions with her. "Repentance means changing and moving on to become a better person." I was really impressed by her. :) 

I've been worrying a bit about Rene because I wasn't sure he was really ready to be baptized. but our last lesson with him turned that all around. He really opened up to us and finally showed that's he's really ready. :) He taught US about apostasy, and joked around with us, and stopped acting like a troubled 17 year old, and more like a funny Mormon boy :) haha. 

Led my area on exchanges. Goodness, I keep getting lost! It's such a BIG area with too many streets and places! Well. At least if I walk along the beach I'll eventually get where I'm supposed to go.

Funny story: A Sister in my house (that shall not be named) is a little excited to get married. So I got one of these to read with her, so she wouldn't be the only one in the MTC (Missionary Temple Class)
Look what I got from our Branch President. hahahaha :)
the church is True!

Sister Smith

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