06 April 2015

Letter 75: It was Holy Week

Pinalangga nga Panimalay kag mga Abyan, 

It's been another week in Roxas, and things are going as . . normal. . .

I'm gonna make a request. I seem to have run out of things to tell you. . . so I'm requesting a Question and Answer for next week's letter :)

So some things have been happening. Apparently there was supposed to be this monster super typhoon that was supposed to come and destroy us all. . But that never happened. Don't know what happened to it. hmm.. (and yet it was Last Week that I had to wash my clothes a second time because they got rained on while drying)

Also, We have somehow been pulled into the Stake Choir? There is going to be some sort of festival on the 11th or 12th or 13th (date still in discussion) and different religious groups have been invited to have a choir of 30 perform. Which is why the missionaries have been asked to participate. We probably sound terrible. . .but whatever :) music is music, and it's the spirit that counts. 

Sister Menor found a "Friend" outside our apartment and we decided to take it to choir practice and scare the American Elders. hahaha.
This is my Friend the Horned Beetle (that's my hand, bytheway)
Speaking of Apartments. . we have NOT yet moved. President Aquino has been busy, our financial secretary is training the new FS, and is therefore busy, so because of all the busy-ness in the office we still don't have a down payment on the new place :P which is annoying. we wanted to move Wednesday or so. . but now it might be Friday, (which is ANNOYING, because Sister Robertson and I have a baptism then) and if it's on Saturday we'll just have to wait till next week because Conference is Saturday. And if we move next week I'll just be annoyed that I don't even get to enjoy the New place for more than a week. But at least we're moving soon. 

Speaking of Conference. Women's Conference was great! I love that it always has a theme. Temples last time, families this time. It really gets you thinking deeply about one subject. 

I've reached the point where Holidays are just another day now. Easter came and went as nothing special, probably because everyone in this country focuses on the death on Thursday more than the Resurrection of Christ on Sunday. (which, in my opinion, is a sad thing)

It's been great though, having extra time to really ponder about the Atonement and what it, and Jesus Christ have done for me and my life. I'll be eternally grateful for My Savior and Friend, Jesus Christ. 

The Church is True. 
I sure do love ya, 

Sister Smith
"Please don't throw trash here." hehehe. I love irony.

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