30 March 2015

Letter 74: I just don't know what to say.

Dearest Family, 


Second of all: To answer Mom's Question: We have found a BEAUTIFUL new apartment, for a wonderful price in a great spot in the middle of the two wards (Robertson and I are in 2nd ward. Our housemates are in 1st) we just have to wait. . . for President to approve it. He said he had to pray about it first. . I prayed that Heavenly Father would answer YES. So we should know by tonight if we're moving. I just want a new closet. 
Life Problems
Third of all. . . I literally don't know what to write about. Life is normal and I love the members here. There are times I just get frustrated because a lot of the time the even the members have a hard time changing their culture for a higher and better Gospel Culture. . And as missionaries we try to help with that, but we can't force anyone to change. It's interesting how investigators have an easier time changing than members. That's definitely been one of my struggles here. . Not only trying to help the investigators progress. . but also the wards and branches.

We're working on finding investigators. Sister Robertson found a lot before I got here. . but then the area caught fire. . . ahem. . . so yeah.. .everyone has been relocated .  so we're starting from scratch again. 

Funny story: So I have gotten sick this transfer (13 for 13. way to go sister smith) but not with a cold. I've actually had too much earwax in my right ear and I've gone kinda deaf. Sister Menor had the same problem in her left (but more extreme with swelling and some infection) so we both went to the doctor and got it checked out. I can hear again, but the past week has been funny. At the doctors I sat on her left side in the waiting room, but then got up and sat on her other side, "Sister Smith, what are you doing?" "Our hearing ears should be by each other, not our deaf ones. or else we'll be "Eh? what did you say?" all day. 

I find myself reflecting on just how much time is left. The Song "The Time is Far Spent." is so . . . appropriate. Sister Scicluna keeps asking me to extend. . but I'm afraid the request is a little late. 

Anyway. I love you all. 
Sorry this is short. 
Love Sister Smith 

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