05 May 2014

Letter 27: If Only I'd Been a Bit More Diligent in School. . .

Dearest Panimalay kag mga Abyan,

Hello from the Hot Hot Philippines! Ok, confession, it's not THAT hot, but it's SO HUMID. I seriously don't stop sweating. Ever. 

Remember how my call letter stated that I would be "Preaching the Gospel in the Hiligaynon language"? Yeah, I do too, but for some reason it forgot to say that I would also encounter several members of the Deaf Community while I'm here. *sigh* my meager supply of Home Signs are really making it difficult for me, as I know very few Church Signs. BUT, The Gift of Tongues is a Beautiful thing.

What's crazy, is that "A", who we met a couple weeks ago (he's deaf, by the way), showed up at church yesterday! Like, WHAT? I didn't really know what to do! Luckily, Sister Mendez served in Antique, and is sagad, and was willing to interpret Sunday School, and I was able to pick up enough of her vocabulary to interpret Sacrament Meeting (also luckily, testimonies aren't too difficult.) The going from Ilonggo to English (in my head) to ASL is definitely something different. (dear Almost Sister Nielsen. Please send me your skill. I need it. Seriously should have been more diligent in my ASL Study in high school)

We had one of the most spiritual lessons this week. It was with "Ad", we've taught her since (probably) like, January, or something, but we've only taught her up to the Book of Mormon (she's super busy). It's been a long time since we taught her, but we were finally able to secure an appointment. When we started with our small talk, she just really opened up. This women has always smiled, always been laughing as we pass by her house. It was so surprising to me, just how Sad and Stressed she is, behind that jolly countenance. I felt impressed to share about the Atonement, and it was such a strong spirit in the room. 

By the way, I'll be Skyping in on the 12th (for me 11th for you) at around 10 am (for me 8pm for you) At least. . .That's is what the plan is looking like! Hopefully that's how it turns out. 

Anyway, sorry it's a bit short this week. Not too much happened, but what did happen was awesome :D

Love you all (see you on Mothers' Day! Seriously. . that went by fast!)

The Church is true!

-Sister Smith

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