10 March 2014

Letter 19:

Dearest Panimalay kag mga abyan,
Gusto ko nga ipangita pila ka mga pulong nga makasulat ako sa Ilonggo. Budlay siya, pero gusto ko nga magtinguha.
Sooo.. Ini simana.
haha, Jokes. (That says: I want to find out how many words I can write in Ilonggo. It's hard, but I want to try.. Sooo. This week) It takes too much brain power to try and write in Ilonggo when you can't even think of what happened in English.
Moving on.
So. This week. Not a lot happened again. I'm leading the area, so we have a significantly less amount of "Open Your Mouth" (also known as OYMs. Basically, you "open your mouth" and talk to someone/anyone on the street and try to teach them, or give them a pass along card or pamphlet.) and you know me, I don't often initiate conversations, but I'm working on it!

It was so great this week! We had FOUR members work with us! (normally we just have one. Sister Jay Ann, who is not even from our ward, but she can't work with the Elders in her ward unless a priesthood holder is there too. So she works with us! But this week she was unable to come with us.)
Sister Massé and I don't get fed very often (not complaining, it's just the way it is) But Saturday we went over to a Part Member family's house to teach the daughter, and we found out it was their tatay's (father) Birthday! Basically, they tried to feed us everything Sister Massé can't eat. Noodles, bread, cookies, crackers, cake. We weren't allowed to leave the house until we'd finished the cake. Hahaha, we tried to be polite and only eat half of it, but we were ordered to eat it all. Filipinos are tooooo nice.
We almost got force fed yesterday. One of our investigators was cooking, and we asked what she was making, how to make it (we really want to get better at cooking Filipino dishes), and she was ready to make us try it, but we couldn't! (gotta love it when you're trying not to tell people that you're fasting, but when they put food on a fork and are ready to feed you like a child, well, it's time to say something. hahaha)
Maybe Sister Massé and I are just too niwang. And everyone is trying to fatten us up a bit.
It was Ash Wednesday this week. I'm glad that I learned a bit about it from 8th grade French Class. . . Basically all I could remember is that Catholics go to church to get a cross of Ash put on their foreheads. . Yep, I don't remember much more than that. And when I asked someone about it, I still didn't get it (even though it was in half English) Well, it was an interesting day!
Funny Story: It's REALLY hard to teach someone about Repentance when he insists that he's perfect. Hahaha. Like, REALLY hard. "Brother, we know that Christ was perfect, but we all have sin." "Wala. (I don't)." "You're perfect?" "Yes." "Well brother, we know that everyone has sin." "Wala." haha. I seriously think it might have been the funny highlight of the week.

There have been so many tender mercies this week. No one came to church this week. BUT Three Less Actives did! Two of which haven't been to church since General Conference. (and that was the first time in a long time for them then too) We were SO happy to see them walking in through the doors. I don't know what made them come, because I really thought they wouldn't (they said they'd just try last week when we taught them). But the Lord works in mysterious ways :D
Anyway. Love you ALL. Love the work, Love Heavenly Father.
And of course, The Church is True!
Madamo Pagpalangga,
Sister Smith

 Happy Birthday! When it's your birthday, you wear RED here. 

So Smart is a type of Cellphone plan thing. And these billboards are everywhere. If you start a business, you either have Coke or Smart above your store. This one will make you laugh (at least it should.) Smart's Jingle of "Live More" is just REALLY Ironic when it's over a Marble shop that engraves headstones. (it's really terrible actually. But I laugh a bit every time I see it.)

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