31 March 2014

Letter 22: Don't Worry Be Happy.

Dearest Panimalay kag mga Abyan,

It's been week? How is it Monday and I'm already sitting in an Internet Cafe emailing and reporting my week? This week (this mission) is what I call "Sobrong ka Dasig!" Or: TOO FAST.

So, Last week when I wrote my email on Monday, I was SO stressed. Tried to hide it, probably didn't do a good job (maybe I did) all because of one thing: I'd been asked to give the lesson in District Meeting that Tuesday.

So by the way, I taught in District Meeting. Let's just say my desire of anything other than public speaking made the task really difficult. (I'm not going to say if it went well, or if it didn't. Just going to say I'm thankful to the Elder in my district who decided to save me from having a very short lesson by making several, nice, long comments).

Anyway, Stage fright over, that was a week ago, and now I am STRESS FREE (haha. Mostly. Missionary work is just stress. But it's good stress.)

It's starting to be summer :D I love it! it's so hot, but it's going to get HOTTER! Which almost seems impossible, but it's gonna happen, once we get to the middle of April (and some years, it lasts all the way to the end of May.)

Want to know how you're serving somewhere humid? You take a shower in the morning to clean off all that sweat from running, and then after you dry yourself off: You're still wet! Hahaha. Gotta love it! (no seriously. I love it. I will dry up like a raisin when I get home, and then I'll be frozen too.)

Fun things that happened this week: We got chased by several (two) drunk men. One who insisted that we had to "Converse first!" (Magistoria kita anay!) and another who demanded a tsiko from Sister Massé "Give me one" (and in English) Gotta love being two Kanas in the middle of the Philippines.

I love our new Bishopric so much. (loved the last one too. don't get me wrong) They really want to know how they can help us, and inform us how we can help them. We gave them a copy of our progress record, and it wasn't just a "Thanks. We'll look at this later" it was a "ok, who are these people, and how can we help them?" IT was GREAT.

Short Letter this week. Lots of things happened, but a slow computer which means no pictures this week ): This computer is just deciding not to load anything.




Have a great week! :D

Sister Smith

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