17 March 2014

Letter 20: ♪♫A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down ♪♫

Dearest Panimalay kag Mga Abyan,

As you can tell from the Title of this letter, Sister Massé and I were feeling a bit under the weather this week. 

As in, I've never seen Sister Massé give up on exercising and crawl back into bed. We've also never been ordered to stay home for a day (even though we did go out for an hour and a half anyway. . .) 

Also, we had Exchanges this week. And I had the privilege of going to GUIMARAS! It was so Beautiful!. Like, As in! (haha, I say "As In" a lot now. Definitely something I've picked up here.) I loved it so much! 

Isn't it beautiful?
It seriously looks like Stake Girls' Camp! It's so quiet and peaceful, 
it really felt like I was back home in the mountains of Utah. :D
So Many Mangoes! (also, so totally delicious.)
First of all, the Sisters' house on Guimaras is MASSIVE and is so nice. But when I got there. . . The water wasn't working. Haha, Sister Karaponga and Sister Jensen went all the way to the well to get water (and then their neighbors invited them to use their well instead of going all the way down the hill) so that we could all have a shower in the morning. 

I learned so much from Sister Karaponga. I really became aware of so many of my shortcomings and obstacles as a missionary and as a person. But now that I am more aware of them, I have a way that I can improve myself. 

Life is so different there. It's SO quiet. I actually down on the grass for a lesson (haha, no grass to sit on in the city) and there are nearly NO jeepneys (the main way to travel) and Tricycles are really hard to get once it's dark, so the Guimaras curfew for sisters is 7 pm. There is SO MUCH time at night. It was so nice, I didn't have to rush my nightly journaling, and I still had time to talk with Sister Karaponga.

Alright, I have bad news. So on the way back to Panay from Guimaras. . .I lost my retainer. MOM I'M SORRY. Like, I was so angry at myself. BUT I have taken the way of repentance and am trying to fix it. Sister Aquino referred me to an orthodontist, and I went last week to get one made (like, the day after I lost it, so my teeth haven't moved back THAT much) and it should be done tomorrow. (Haha, Sister Aquino probably thinks we're ridiculous. First Sister Massé is sick, and I loose my retainer. Things sure are never boring with us!)

On a happy note. . .Our investigator with a baptismal date came to church! We're so excited for her! We first started teaching her aunt a month and a half ago, and one day we were going to teach her aunt, but Emily was home from work, and we started teaching her as well. She's so great, she was shy at church, but we're really going to try and get some members to work with us this week so that she can have some fellow-shippers.  

There's an American in our ward! He moved here with his wife and has been living in the Philippines 40 days! Hopefully he's here to stay! He was pretty excited to see not just one, but TWO Americans in the ward he and his wife are planning on moving into.

Anyway, it's been a fun/exciting/exhausting week! And I can't wait for next week! 

Love you! 

-Sister Smith
Bridge! You know me, I love bridges (even ones falling apart.)

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