14 July 2014

Letter 37: Stranded?

Dearest Family and Friends, 

You know how last week I made the joke that we might not be able to get back to Guimaras because of the weather? 

Well, on Monday we made it back safely, but weren't so lucky on Wednesday. 

So basically, I left Panay only to go back to Panay for four days. 

Monday: P-day/SM day. The only day we can take out our support because there aren't really any ATMs over here. 

Tuesday: District Meeting was great! Our District Leader was just trained, and is now Training and became a district leader (haha, the poor kid, he's been here 3 months. But he's figuring it out.) 

We went to one appointment and then headed out to the Mission Office for Missionary Leadership Council! MLC was great! We had dinner, the Zone Leaders accounted for the past month, and then FHE. (haha, so much fun.)

That night we got to sleep in the Mission Home, (which is like sleeping in a nice hotel.) and President and Sister Aquino are so nice. It's a great time, we got ice cream and treats. The next morning we got a warm shower. 
I also got to hang out with SISTER MASSÉ! It was great seeing my Nanay again! She got so tan and her hair got so light, I almost didn't recognize her.

Wednesday: MLC training! It was SUPER inspirational. Like, I seriously felt so pumped to just go out and work, becoming a better missionary, and bring people closer to Christ. 

It was also freezing, because my assigned seat was the only seat where the air con directly blows. And people thought I was crazy for bringing my brown jacket to the Philippines, I wore it the entire time. 
THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE! Especially the Candy! Sister Haun and I are like, "Let's eat Healthy," and then we both get a package stuffed with good American candy. (and some Japanese. You know me so well, I loved the Pocky! and the Big Hunks, and the Reeses Pieces. Seriously, THANK YOU.) It got here super fast. I think the thing that makes it slow is it has to go through the office and cargo, but since I was in the office, I got it dayon. (umm.. dayon = immediately.)

President Aquino gave us a ride out to the wharf. . and the last pump boat left just as we got there. (and the sea was so rough anyway., . not something I would have traveled on) so we got to stay an extra night in the Mission Home! hahaha, we got to keep a Sister who has been sick company for the night. And we had packages full of candy. Yup, it was a grand time. 

Thursday Morning: FINALLY Left Iloilo. (got to wear that new blouse from the package! Isn't Heavenly Father's timing perfect?) 

The Taylors gave us a ride home from the Wharf. (Elder and Sister Taylor are the Couple Missionaries serving here, and they are absolutely wonderful.) And then they picked us up an hour later to head out to a less active's house who lives far away. My children will never complain about getting into a car to drive three minutes to get to church. His wife hikes out early every Sunday morning to get to church on time. Gotta love Sister Taylor, hiking out to this house in her nylons and crocs. 

We had a great District (not district as in missionary district, district as in branch is to ward, and district is to stake) Correlation. Our District President has a great Vision for Guimaras, and he has the faith to pull it off, but he just needs the cooperation from the missionaries, and we're willing to give it. 

Inspirational thought: Also in the package, thanks for the CD's, Dad! Actually, I was asked by someone if I would be willing to burn them and give them some, and I was like, "umm... My dad hates violating copyright laws, and so I'm going to try hard not to. . . so no. . "

And then Sister Huan and I were talking about that, and I was just like, "Why would I insult my father by abusing a gift he gave me?" and internally the Spirit was like, "Apply that sentence to your Heavenly Father too." and It just hit me, This time is a gift from God, our Father in Heaven. Don't abuse it!

Also, I'm so thankful for Sister Haun, she's a fireball of testimony and inspiration, and she's just what I've needed. Sometimes I feel like that's why I became an STL, just so I could be her companion. I didn't realize just how much I needed her example, testimony, and sense of humor. 

Well, Times up!

The Gospel's true. 
Palangga Ta kamo. 

-Sister Smith
Eggplant anyone? (I seriously have no idea why they do this. but it's hilarious)

I am definitely in the best area ever. I mean, come on, MANGO RESEARCH? How cool is that??

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