07 July 2014

Letter 36: Sister Smith the Snail Snatcher

How's that for an. . . alliteration? Or is that for vowels only?? 

Dearest Panimalay kag mga Abyan,

It's been a nice, relaxing, calm, uneventful week here in the Western Visayas. 

Haha. Jokes. So. Much. Happened. This. Week. 

1) Got a call on Wednesday around 7:00: I'm transferring. Haha, Didn't see that one coming. After 7 months it was like, "GOODBYE!" (I love my old area. Never ever think I didn't love it in Iloilo. It was fabulous. I grew so much from everything that happened.) 

2) Got a second call around 9 or so. . . This one I was not expecting. Well, I was called to be a Sister Training Leader? Haha, the minute I saw President's Name on the Caller ID I was like, "Oh no. OH NO." Because I knew that would be the only reason he'd be calling. (and I knew Sister Taufanga wouldn't be training, because our house mate Sister Orkin is, and they would have told Sister Taufanga at the same time). Well, anyway. Accepted the call and was like.. . . In shock?? 

3) Stayed up until about 11:30 packing, and then stayed up another hour because I couldn't sleep. haha. 

4) Got up nice and early to go take Sister Orkin to Trainers' Meeting. And then had my interview with President Aquino. I don't remember much of what was said. I was too tired. (I'm terrible.)

5) GOT MY CAMERA CHARGER BACK. And some things I left in the other Sisters' apartment back when we had exchanges. (and then Sister Taufanga and Sister Marticio brought more things from home.) I'm too forgetful. BUT now there will be Pictures attached to EVERY email! YAY. 

6) Got called to.. . . . GUIMARAS. Remember how I went on exchanges to Guimaras a couple months ago? Well, I'm BACK. And I'm soo happy to be here. 

So about Guimaras: (for those who don't have access to a map, I'm now on an island below the island I was before.)

I'm companions with Sister Haun. (I'm replacing Sister Karaponga) She is absolutely HILARIOUS. As in. I also feel really short again, because she's like, 5'9. 

Our area is as mountainous as it gets for Sisters. Needless to say, I am EXHAUSTED. For several reasons: Starting out the transfer with little sleep, we do T25 every morning (Sister Haun and I are determined to get rid of ALL the rice weight we've gained here), we walk home from our area 45 minutes every night, my area is hiking/walking all the time. 

Thanks for that Picture of the weather report, Mom! I've been wondering why it's been so cold and rainy! It actually rained on us on the way to Guimaras. The Channel (is it a channel? not sure) was so rough, and then as I walked down to the pump boat, I got a nice wave that decided to give me a big hug. (so wet and so cold)

[Speaking of rainy, I'm actually back on Panay today. It's our SM day to withdraw money and such (there aren't any ATMs or banks around were we live. . .) and we're not sure we're gonna be able to get back.. hahaha. gotta love typhoon season. Don't worry about us. The rain was stopping. .. . hopeful it stayed that way. We're also coming back to the city again tomorrow for MLC (Missionary Leadership Counsel) haha, I just left here and I keep coming back!]

We had a CSP! I never knew so much work went into planting rice! We went "Golden Snail" Hunting in the rice fields. It's was great. I was just walking around barefoot in a rice field, picking snails out of the mud and water. It was a blast. We also got to smash the Snail eggs, which was gross, I left that to the other sisters, and I continued to hunt for mga kohol (snails)

Anyway, A lot has been happening. I'm probably going to go buy a jacket. Remember how three months ago I told you how hot it was? Well, now I'm freezing at 75F. (oh man. I'm gonna freeze when I get home). 

Love you all! 

-Sister Smith

Snail Snatching
My New Housemates! haha. SISTER MARTICIO AND I ARE STILL HOUSEMATES (Totally forgot to mention that. After 7 months together, we will have another 2 before she goes home in September. hahahaha) Sister Punsalan, Sister Haun and Me.

Guimaras Rice Fields
 Gotta love my new area. (there are just so many houses! haha) 

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