11 August 2014

Letter 41: When You've Got Lots to Do, You've Got No Time

Dearest Family and Friends, 

Hey, I've gotta make this letter faster than normal, because we had a zone activity this morning, and we've got an FHE in a few hours (and we need to make some treats still. . so. . . I'll be as fast as possible, and try to have good Grammar. . . And this letter won't have pictures. . sorry! No time to wait for it to load.)

Anyway, so this week we went to Iloilo for MLC! It's weird to have two MLCs in one transfer, but it was fun. Several ZLs and STLs weren't there (either released or they're going home tomorrow. . ) and there were several "Guests" *wink wink* 

I've been eating so healthy the past few weeks (I gave up rice, because Sister Haun doesn't eat it. And went back to veggies not soaked in soy sauce. I've felt great actually.) but that MLC food was a little too rich for me. (and we also got some wonderful cashews and pistachio ice cream! YUM!) 

It was a great time :) Spiritually enlightening, and a lot of chastisement. (a lot)

A lot of miracles happened this week (again!) The Tacdoros came to church! (they were more on time this time! next time they'll make it for the Actually passing of the Sacrament.) and the mga Atti came to church too! The Atti are pretty much Pure Filipino, and are so dark (I almost feel like I'm in Ghana with Elder Bautner when we go their their houses.) They're super shy, and of the three friends that came, one is very pregnant. What a trooper! She made it through the first hour, but her baby was kicking so hard, that they had to leave before class. 

I got a cold this week. We didn't work on Saturday. (haha. My body was present. But my Brain hasn't been. haha.) I'm still recovering. I'm at the point of "Still tired, throat is a little sore from all the mouth breathing, but the headache is gone and so is most of the runny nose." 

Sunday we had a Super long meeting with our District President. (expectation: 1hour. What happened: 2.5 hours.) but it was good. All meeting. "Are you ok Sister Smith?" "Yes, I'm just tired." after about the third time asking Sister Haun was just like, "She's Sick." his response was "ah. Kalu-oy sa imo." (directly translated that means "Mercy on you." kinda like, "oh, I'm sorry.")

On top of being sick. . IT'S BEEN SO HOT. You all got hail in August. . . yeah, it's been hotter than it's been in weeks/months. It doesn't feel like rainy season. And normally a hot front means a cold front and a storm will follow.  . .

Answers to questions: I still don't know how Alex is doing. . Sister Taufanga has yet to write me. . . The RC lessons are going great! DARWIN AND DANILO GOT THE PRIESTHOOD!! We both pitched in to buy them each a tie (the branch is getting them white shirts)
And yes, I did have Electricity and Water this week. (the water went off on one day. but we have a barrel full of water for emergencies. It's enough for everyone to take a shower).

So much has happened. But no time! 

Palangga ta kamo gid! Tani maayo kamo, bisan diin kamo. Magpangako ako nga iload ko ang mga kodak sa sunod simana.  (I love you all. I hope you're all well, where ever you are. I promise to load pictures next week.)

Halong sa inyo tanan! (Y'all take care)

Matuod Gid an Simbahan! (the Church is very true)

-Sister Smith

ps- My English is going to be getting much worse, by the way

Reason: New House Rule: Ilonggo (or Tagalog or Kiniraya. if you're in Kalibo or Antique) for the Foreigners. English for the Locals. 

Hope you all enjoy my decaying grammar!

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