18 August 2014

Letter 42

Dearest Family and Friends,

First of all. . . KEATLEY! Congratulations on the BEAUTIFUL BRACES (aka. torture device) SMILE! Gwapa gid sa imo!

Well this week was a good one! (Question: When is there a bad week in the mission? Answer: umm... NEVER)

I'm trying to think of what to write about. . .Umm... it started raining again. Which means I have to hang my laundry inside the house, and it takes forever to dry. 

Sister Punsalan transferred (the only one from the zone to transfer. . . ) Sister Marticio is now with Sister Tarantan, A part-time missionary from Kalibo. (she actually worked with Sister Haun when she was assigned there! How fun is that?) She's waiting for her call, which should be coming before the end of the transfer. 
Saying Goodbye to Sister Punsalan
We had an AWESOME FHE on Monday with the Family we're focusing on. It was super fun! I've never seen a family of investigators so . . into playing the games and laughing and having fun. :D And it wasn't just all fun and games, we really saw the rewards. The next time we came over for a lesson, the men joined in on the lesson, not just the women in the family! It's been so great! Sister Haun and I adore them. Then later we got to do some BRTing (Building Relationship and Trust) with the Less active son later in the week. He's opening up to us, and is starting to listen to the lessons now too! 
 FHE! Is seriously the Best.
This week Sister Haun and I realized we've been slacking off. It's crazy how even the slightest bit of disobedience can stop blessings. After coming home a little late, not making that extra effort to make it home by 7:30, when we really needed those miracles of a tricycle coming by- they wouldn't be there, and we'd have to walk and then be even later. We're working on it again, making it a goal to NEVER be late for curfew ever again. To be more diligent, be more obedient and hard working.

Erlose said she had a great time at church! (except for her distracting 8 month old baby) And she came again a second time! So did Grace! (Nanette didn't make it. That baby should be coming really soon. . .)

Zone Training was on Tuesday. And Zone Conference is going to be this Wednesday. :) Headed to Iloilo, and I get to see my BATA! She's training, by the way (she adopted. Because it's the second transfer of the new Sister) So I'm a Grandmother! (haha, I'm a Lola.).

In Awesome News: Darwin Passed the Sacrament on Sunday! :D I felt like Mom, when she tells that story of when Sam first passed the Sacrament. :)

My Zone Leader of 4 transfers is now my AP.

I'm behind in reading the Bible. I'm actually supposed to be done with it (and be reading in 1 Nephi. .) But I'm still in. . 2 Timothy. Whoops.

This letter is quickly becoming one of 'Bullet Points of things that Happened." Much like my Journal entries. .

Life is great. I shower with a bucket. I still think Rice is delicious (even though it's tasteless and I don't eat it much anymore) Sister Haun and I killed a spider bigger than my hand with phentermine the other day. (hahaha.. I unfortunately did not get it on tape.) I fall asleep while praying at night usually once a week, and Sister Haun has to wake me up. I'm picking up a tiny bit of Tagalog from Sister Haun too. I've decided that if my children ever complain about having to do their laundry, I'll have them do it by hand. My bad eating habits are starting to come back, which is bad, because I've been feeling so healthy.

The AP just called. Sister Haun and I are giving training at Zone Conference on Wednesday. *sigh* I feel like this is my life now. training training training. Looks like this supposedly relaxing P-day where I was going to get things done (finish the Bible. . Not write Letters because I still have no idea where the post office is) is turning into a stressful P-day.

Anyway. Palangga ko kamo guid, Palangga kita sang Diyos.

The church is TRUE!

Much love,
-Sister Smith

Santol Jelly is Sister Haun's FAVORITE.
But in this picture, we ate it like a hotdog. haha
MORE SANTOL. We're gonna be making the Jelly out of these :)
Darwin just climbed the tree and shook the branches,
and gave us a sackful. haha, And then we carried it around proselyting!

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