04 August 2014

Letter 40: Miracles and Muddy Days

Hello Family and Friends! 

Over here in Guimaras, it's been a fabulous week! (week 40. . . What??) 

We had exchanges this week! I got to go to the other Sisters' area and trek through a muddy field. Sister Punsalan is such a wonderful missionary (we're actually batchmates going home! We Foriegners get one less transfer than the locals, because we have a transfer in the MTC, so even though she's a transfer a head of me, we go home together.) 

Last week on our Announcements Email, we were told, "No more Pamphlets. Teach only from the Book of Mormon." Sister Haun and I were like, "WAHOO! We've been doing that for 2 weeks!." but Sister Punsalan had some doubts. It was great being able to talk to her about it, and after a few minutes, she was determined to put all her faith and her testimony into using the Book of Mormon only. I'm excited for her :)

I learned a lot more about how and why I need to change this week. Sometimes you think you're doing great, but the Heavenly Father decides to cut you down so that you can grow ("Thank you Mr. Gardner, for loving me enough to cut me down.") You know me, sometimes I don't like to open up to people, and when you're a missionary, that's not allowed. I'm still working on it, becoming that person He wants me to become. Amat-amat lang (just little by little)

This week we went without Electricity from Tuesday Night until Saturday Night. It. Was. Awful. I actually started to get scared of our house. And you know me, I'm not a superstitious person. . . But 4 nights with no light in a big house. . yeah. . it wasn't fun. Sister Haun and I didn't walk upstairs at night. And if we did we didn't go alone (yeah companionship!). And then there were a few nights where we didn't have Water either. (luckily never in the morning, so we were still able to take a shower) and Area Book by candle light? Fun every once in a while, but not every day. 
Planning and Updating the Area Book by Candle light. 
But then Saturday night we got Koriente (electricity) and we've been just peachy ever since. 

We were so sad when 9:00 came 'round on Sunday. No one came to church. But then Sacrament meeting didn't start until 9:15 (someone forgot to bring the bread. haha) and a less active came in around 9:10! He's one of the Branches 15 Names!! We actually visited him and his wife on Saturday, and they didn't make any promises about coming. But then they DID! The Branch was so happy to see them! 

Then, when the meeting was almost over, the Tacdoro family came!!! They'd had someone visit them that morning, so they left the house late, but they made it to Sunday School and Relief Society! It was so great! There was so much support, we didn't even ask anyone to fellowship them, one Sister knows the mom, and she went right up to her and showed her to class, and sat with her! The kids loved Primary, and the Daughter in YW wants to go to the YW activity they're having on Saturday. 

Basically: It was a Magical Moment. :)

Later when were were teaching them that night, Nanay (Mother. Often, we use Nay and Tay in replacement for Sister and Brother for those older here. It has more of a. . Respectful? Loving? feel. Basta it's just more nice.) was just saying how much she loved church. 

Like, WOAH! The Spirit that is felt if someone goes to church within the month that you meet them. It's so much more powerful. I know she'll be coming next week (we'll be doing everything we can to NOT let Satan ruin those plans.) 

Anyhoos. Love you all! 

The Church is True,


Sister Smith

PS. The adventure we had this week! There's this warehouse along the road, and we were told that there's a Tsunggi (a tsunggi: a home owned store where someone decides to sell things they buy from the store. Totally illegal in America, but there are several on most roads here.) behind the warehouse. (By the way, it belongs to the Less Active, who's on the 15 Names of the Branch.. .) 

At first Sister Haun and I were like, "Back there?? No way!" But after we tried, lo and behold, there it was. 

But the only way to get there? To trek through some mud. . and well. . . I sank. 

Sister Haun was laughing too hard at me to get a picture of me actually stuck in the mud, but the after picture (with the mud half dried) is still enjoyable. 
Muddy Feet

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