25 August 2014

Letter 43

Dearest Panimalay kag Mga abyan,

It's been a good week here on the little island of Guimaras! So This week was Zone Conference! It was great! I got to see my BATA! and my APO! Sister Taufanga actually transferred to the. . . other room in the house and is now finishing the training of her housemate. hahaha. She's still in the same ward! 
My Granddaughter (Apo) is awesome. She calls me Lola
Good News from my last area: The old Couple Sister Taufanga and I tracted before I left got BAPTIZED. WOAH AWESOME! The Less-active married her boyfriend, her new baby is healthy! My Returning family is Returned and active and PREPARING TO ENTER THE TEMPLE! When she told me that, I almost wanted to cry I was so happy. 

haha, remember how I mentioned that we would be giving training? It actually went really well. :) It was on "Teaching with Unity" which was really ironic because that was something Sister Haun and I struggled with for a long time (as in. We're best of friends, but have completely different teaching styles.) haha, REVELATION. Heavenly Father does have a sense of humor. It was really fun. We started out by playing that song everyone knows. . the. . I don't remember the name. But that one that takes to people to play it and it's from a musical. I taught it to Sister Haun and we showed how you can either do your own thing, or "play" (teach) with your companion in unity if you try!. 

Gali (whoops) I used a bit too much time reading letters today to have time to write. hahaha. 

This week was full of awesome times. We extended baptismal dates to like, a lot of people! And a lot of them accepted!!!! (and then didn't make it to church. haha. Heavenly Father blesses you in one way and makes you struggle in another!)

We've gotten into this weird flow of something big happens every week. Whether is sickness, MLC, Zone Training, Zone Conference, or FHE. . . something is always happening around us! (especially this week! I'll tell you about what will be happening. . . next week :D )

Tender Mercy of the week: I lost my planner. It fell out of my bag, and it wouldn't have been a big deal, but I had a lot of sentimental value for that thing (Sister Massé actually personalized it with spiritual thoughts and memories and sent it to me) and then on Sunday (I lost it Tuesday) Sister Haun hands it to me! Our investigators had found it on the road and gave it to her. 

anyway. Yeah, Time's up!

I love you all. Like, As in! I Pray you're all doing well, and I hope life is great, trials are small (and if they're big. . remember, God loves you and wants you to grow and become closer to Him!) and the blessings are many. 

-Sister Smith

Sister Sclicluna
Did I ever mention how much I adore Sister Sclicluna? She knew me in the "Pre-Mission Life" (aka, she found my blog and read it before she came here. hahaha.)

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