08 September 2014

Letter 45: Had a Great Time in. . . ILOILO

Dearest Family and Friends, 

I must say, I had a great time in the mission field out here. . . Not in my area.

It was actually a super BOMB week (and a challenging week all at the same time.) As in. 

So Monday we're in Iloilo to buy the things you can't find on Guimaras. (and I'm sick as we walk around SM. Not the funnest thing ever)

Tuesday: Teach one lesson (which was a spiritual disaster. blech. you win some you loose some) and then head off to Iloilo again for MLC. 

MLC: Awesome. Spiritual. Got a Cold from the Air Con. 

Wednesday: More MLC. It was funny, actually. Everyone is dying from the heat because of a Brown out, so we have one fan going because of the emergency power thing they have, and it's blowing on me, so I have my jacket hanging on my shoulders and a lot of tissues in my hands. . .

MLC actually ended early for the first ever "Sisters in Excellence Conference." 

What is a Sisters in Excellence Conference, you ask? Well, If I could describe it in five words. . 'Girls' Camp for Sister Missionaries." would be the words I choose. 

All the sisters in the mission (all 44 of us) came down and were all gathered in one place at the same time! (thus we finally were able to get a picture of our five generations of Trainers and Trainees before Sister Fabella goes home in November!) 
Five Generations
We went to this place where they do a team building program. It's also a little family resort too, if that's what you're going for. Got to stick my feet in a pond and have little fish eat the dead skin off, and have a bonfire, complete with skits just like the ones from Girls' camp. Did some mending of a skirt that I ripped forever ago. . .

Thursday: Did the Team building activity. I was so tired from being sick, but I really enjoyed it (Note. A mouse just ran across the top of my shoe. and I didn't scream when i saw it. Congratulate me.) and it all ended with a testimony meeting. It was wonderful and I was sad when it was over 

Got HOME. And had enough time to visit one person. 

Friday Saturday and Sunday were us trying to get back on our feet from everything. The past few weeks we've been doing so well, but now it's just turning into a time of trials. We're growing because of it. And hopefully our investigators grow because of it too!. I gave Sister Haun my cold. again. 

Got to go on a hike this morning to Balaan nga Bukid (holy Mountain) That was fun!

anyway, I've lost track of time again, 

Signing off!

-Sister Smith
No bridge? There's wood just lying there on the grass?
MAKE ONE! (there's that civil engineer in me haha)

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