01 September 2014

Letter 44: The Life of a Missionary

Dearest Panimalay kag mga Abyan,

So many things happened this week, it was great. 

First of all: Went on Exchanges with Sister Marticio! That was interesting, housemate of 10 months and we finally worked with each other! She was in the beginning stages of a cold, and I'm that person that has an easier time in my own area then in another missionary's area. . . Something I'm working on! (sometimes I'm still just a little too huya (shy)!) 

The big thing this week was something Sister Haun Proposed to me, and then we Proposed it to our District President last month. President named it "Missionary Life," and we went on splits with 4 Prospective Missionaries from the Branch :) They slept over and had studies and everything. It was super fun and awesome. Our companionship actually ended up in a trio because my member-companion bailed on us for a job interview in Iloilo (No hard feelings, it was a life time opportunity for a GOOD job.) 
Missionary Life. Three Future Sisters
That was Friday Morning until Saturday. And then on Saturday Afternoon we had a fireside. Talks were spoken, Testimonies were given, and the Spirit was awesome. (the only downside was the Member attendance. . next time! President is determined to make it a quarterly thing.) 

I got sick again. There is just something about this island, I swear! haha, it's actually super funny, I'm exercising better, eating better, getting good sleep, being HEALTHY, and then yesterday I break out into a fever (or a Lagnat. I believe that's Tagalog. . not sure) during Sacrament. (which meeting I gave a talk in, by the way. Fifth Sunday is "Missionary talk" Sunday) Of course class goes over half an hour and I'm just sitting there, absolutely miserable. President was like, "You're sick again." "Yep." "This is your life, isn't it?" "Yep."

Went home, ate food, got some sleep, then went out to two appointments. (Not my wisest decision, because we ended up walking home, and it started sprinkling rain.) But don't worry about me, I'm taking Ibuprofen and will rest when we get home from Iloilo. 

Church was awesome, even though I was sick for it. The Tacdoro Family made it (after two weeks of absence) which was awesome. I think Sister can really feel the difference it makes in her life when she comes. Grace made it (she still yet to stay for all 3 hours. There always seems to be an emergency going on and she has to go home.) and BILLY (a new investigator of one day) came. Billy is awesome, we met her last week, she's a former investigator of the two sisters before Sister Haun and me, and is now back from Bacolod. We had an awesomely spiritual lesson about how God gives us trials because He knows we can handle it and we'll grow and become stronger and closer to Him because of it. She's so small (I think she's about 4'6. . or shorter.) and absolutely the sweetest. Palangga ko sia :)

Cool thing this week: ATE HALO. Not sure what it is in English. . The member that cooked it for us isn't sure. But it's a LIZARD. (monitor lizard. . .she said. yeah, I don't know what that is) it was AWESOME and tasted like Chicken. Her husband just kept singing this little tune, "Chicken in Disguise!"

Anyway, times up!

The Church is TRUE!

Christ is our Savior, 

And I love you (all.)

-Sister Smith

Apparently I have a Filipina twin? (according to everyone)

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