22 September 2014

Letter 47: Goodbyes are Never Easy

Dearest Panimalay kag mga Abyan, 

hmm... Where to start? 

This week was an interesting one.

We went out to a member who lives somewhere between 3 and 4 hours away from the church if you decide to walk it, because her husband is LA, and we try them usually about once a transfer. her husband has yet to speak to me, but that's ok :). So anyway, we went out by tricycle, and got the tricycle driver's number so that he would come get us in an hour. . . but then he never came. So we walked! . . and took a wrong left turn. Haha, WHOOPS. Gotta love getting lost in the Mountains! yeah, we walked around for about 3.5 hours, before we got service to ask the Couple missionaries to come and save us in their truck.

So this Saturday we had a "Family Week" Celebration (it's a holiday here! How awesome is that?) with the District! It was super fun. Everyone dressed in Red/Green/Blue/Yellow (depending on the branch or Group.)  But the Missionaries wore our cool new gray T-shirts :) played some fun games, got some good food, and spent time with the district. It was a grand time. 
Flour Games
And it all ended with a Baptism from the other Sisters' area! They are baptizing a family from the mountains, even if it's one by one. Nanay has 11 Children, and several grandchildren who think it would be great to join the church :) Sister Marticio finally got to teach and baptize "A family" a dream of her mission.

Speaking of Sister Marticio. Said Goodbye to my housemate of 10 Months about three hours ago. 
Sister Marticio <3
Crazy how time flies. It's hard to believe that 10 months ago she watched me be "Born" into the mission, and I just watched her "die." Seriously gonna miss this Sister, I learned so much from her! (and Kon nagpanginta ikaw 'ni, Sister Marticio, HI! Palangga ta ka, kag Hidlaw ta gid ka! Halong gid ikaw, kag tani ibaton ko ang wedding inviation halin sa imo dugay-dugay ;) ) (Note from mom - The Illonggo here is a note to Sister Marticio.) 

Anyway. Time's kinda already up, and it wasn't too big of a week. (yet it was. . .)

I love you all! The church is true!

And next week You'll all know who my new housemates are! (Sister Haun and I have our Big Scary house to ourselves until Thursday. yay.)

And I'll be Two Decades OLD. Whoa. 

Take Care, 
Sister Smith

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