20 October 2014

Letter 51: Don't Worry, God has a Plan

Dearest Panimalay kag mga Abyan,

This week was an "Things are getting better, slowly" week. (even if no one came to church. . . again,. . *sigh*)

Today, I think I should just testify that God's Plan of Salvation is PERFECT and True, and how lucky we are that He has not only prepared one Kingdom for His Children, but THREE. That's something I find I've never really written about. Mostly it's "Prophets are True. The Church is true. Heavenly Father loves us." This random testimony probably comes from the fact that our investigator told us that he doesn't like our "Mormon doctrine of Three Glories, and that We should teach it like the bible does with just "Langit kag Imperyno" and that we should be going to people telling them that they're going to go to "Imperyno" unless they join the "Mormon Church"" 

(not that he wants to join the church. Needless to say, he's "Dropped us." Also he believes in the bible and only the bible, but not in 1 Corinthians 15:40-41 btw) 

Anywho, just wanted to say that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and that He has better plans then just Condemning His children, and that Jesus Christ suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane and on the Cross of Calvary just for us to be able to repent of our sins, and one day have Eternal Glory in the Celestial Kingdom of His Father. (Sa ngalan ni JesuKristo, Amen.)

Other Cool things of this week: 

We taught Nanay Emma about the Word of Wisdom, and she's now giving up Coffee. I wish all investigators responded to the WoW like she did, "Of course it needs to go. I didn't drink it yesterday, and my head hurt. I must be ADDICTED. That's bad!" 

The Elders in our district are awesome and did a CSP at our house.They 
1. Cut down the Branches in the tree with a Machete (there's much more light now. it's less spooky at night and more inviting during the day.)
One of many Scary Spiders that live here. 
2. Lit all those branches and leaves on fire, (yay that's totally legal here.)
3. And made our fence chicken proof. (there were chickens in our yard the next morning) 
Elder Fogavai in our tree
It's funny how it works. They come do the hard labor, we make the food. haha. Somehow it reminds me of the talk by Elder Chi Hong Wong, about the man with Palsy

"His home teaching companion from the elders quorum and the tall and strong full-time missionary would have pushed really hard from below. The Relief Society sister would have reminded them to be careful and given them words of encouragement."

It made me laugh last week :)

Interviews were fun, (Yay Chastisement (or: Improvement opportunities!)) and so was District Conference (I definitely prefer President Aquino giving Improvement Opportunities to the Members. haha) 

The church is true!

I love you all, 
And all is Well, 
Sister Smith

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