06 October 2014

Letter 49:

Dear Family and Friends, 

Things are going well here in the Pilipinas. I'm in Iloilo right now for our SM day, and goodness, my hands are FREEZING because of the Air Con in this Computerhan. That will also be what I blame my bad spelling and bad grammar on this week :) cold fingers. (but seriously. I'm so cold right now)

This week was a slow week here on Guimaras. We went to MLC so we were MIA. 

Friday we cleaned our apartment, YAY!

Whoops! My Pinky hit the Enter key and it accidentally sent my letter! I wasn't even close to finishing it. 


Cleaned the apartment! Yay! But it's a little difficult to clean when your water decides to turn off.  *sigh* oh well. We cleaned up a lot of the stuff outside, and took Elder Taylor's advice, and called the elders to tell them they should have a CSP to clean up the jungle we have growing in our front yard. (and fix our fence.) 

We also went out with the Taylors to a member that lives WAY far away. Did I ever tell you about the time Sister Haun and I went out there by ourselves and had to walk home for 3 hours out of the mountains? Yeah, it's more convenient when the Couple missionaries are headed out that way anyway, and are willing to give you a ride in their truck :)
The Taylors
I've been super tired ever since Transfers, even to the point of actually going to bed early (not too hard, when you get home at 7pm) But all I needed was a nice good power-nap during lunch on Thursday. I believe in the power of naps! Even Christ took naps! Remember, when he's sleeping on that boat and the tempest is raging? And what does he do when he's awoken? Calms the raging sea! Naps are good for you!

Had some good ups and downs. Down: Our recent convert told us that Alcohol is Bawal (forbidden) except for when your hanging out with friends, so you can take one or two shots so that you don't seem like a kill joy. (we taught him the importance of obedience.)

Up: the General Women's meeting was AWESOME! As in! I loved it. (except for the fact that it made me want to buy a plane ticket for Cebu and go to the temple. and my companion looked at me and said, "I go in FIVE weeks." Palagpat.)

Down: No Investigators came to church

Up: Nanette had her baby and he's ADORABLE. :)

UP: THANKS FOR THE BIRTHDAY PACKAGE!! Dad, what am I supposed to do with so many CD's? Everyone at MLC was like, "Sister Smith, only you would be sent a jacket while staying in the Philippines." and Thank you SO MUCH for the Burt's Bee's! I just ran out of my chapstick (I finished one with out loosing it! I'm sad to see my "Future True Aggie" chapstick finished. (Not that I'll ever be an Aggie anyway)) and was worried about getting a nice new one :) Thanks for Being Awesome. 

All's well, I Love You All! 
The Church is true, and Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer.

Until Next week, 
Sister Smith
Luke 6:48

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