01 December 2014

Letter 57: Thanksgiving in the Philippines

Dearest Family and Friends, 

I must say, I have a lot of things to be thankful for :D especially the 3 other Americans that only live the room over or a 3 minute tricycle drive away. Because we all got together and celebrated Thanksgiving :D
The Pinay and the Australian,
and they're first American Thanksgiving
Of course our Turkey was Chicken, and the stuffing was a little burnt, and the gravy was sausage gravy (which is supposed to go on Biscuits for Biscuits and Gravy for Breakfast) BUT There were mashed potatoes and APPLE PIE (because the Elders live in the Couple's house, and they have an OVEN.) and Hypocritical eggs(they would be deviled eggs, but the paprika, which is what makes deviled eggs look devilish, was on the inside. so it was hidden and hypocritical. haha) it was a good day :) While it rained. :) (literally like. . all day it just steadily rained. Signal One Typhoon and we still go outside.)
Mashed Potatoes and Hypocritical Eggs.
Things are going well :) Alma came to church a second time in row :D and she didn't even have money for Sud-an (stuff that goes on top of rice), but she came to church anyway. She also asked for a priesthood blessing from our Branch President to overcome her Smoking Addiction and to help her health problems. We asked the member that lives just around the corner to accompany us last night to her lesson, and goodness, she is such a good fellow shipper! Right now things are going so well with her. That means trials are ahead (of course) But it's so good to see someone who is already strong. and when trials come, Christ will be there to support.

Nanay Emma committed to pay Tithing immediately. Talk About FAITH. 

Now just to get her to church. *sigh* 

Got a text Saturday Night around 9 (didnt' read it until 10) "Hey Sis Smith, ths is Anthy cn u tlk tmrrow for 5th snday? kthnx." 

My reaction was "Grrr" because I talked last time, so it should have been Anyone but me. . .but I was grateful for it. Basically it was "Do Your Home and Visiting Teaching. Less-Active members don't need Missionary friends. They need Member Friends." talked for a good 15 minutes too. (longest sacrament meeting talk I've ever given in my life. whoa.) Sister Glori says that I chastise people too nicely, and that it defeats the purpose. hahaha. But at least I wasn't Elder Walmer, who never received the text and got 25 minutes of prep time (sacrament time and my talk time. haha)

Ano pa?? (what else) umm.. indi ko sure kon ano dapat sulaton ko subong, . . basi magilonggo lang ako tungod kasadya siya. . . hmm..  (umm.. I'm not sure what I should write right now. . . maybe I'll just ilonggo because it's fun. . . .) 

um... Missionary culture note? Sister Quent and I realized that there hasn't been a new American Sister in this mission since we got here. So in April, there won't be anymore left! 

umm... Zone meeting is tomorrow. But there isn't any MLC this month because the Christmas party is next week. sooo.. we get to make up our Trainings all by ourselves! wahoo. yah. whoopdeedoo. 

Love you all,
The Gospel's true.

Sister Smith
Early Christmas from the Relief Society! Thank you!
Baby looking Cool :D

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