29 December 2014

Letter 61: It's just One of Those Letters

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was a good one in San Jose. I'm afraid that due to our Christmas skype I'm like Mom. . and I have nothing really to write about. So this is just one of those really short letters. and I don't even have a USB port to upload pictures. Sigh. And I had some good pics to send home!

umm... So I guess some updates are that the Traveling APs came by. So we got to work with my old District Leader. He was happy to be back in Antique (He missed Karay-a). It was a bit interesting because we were in a Trio working both areas (Sister Haun went to Iloilo to the Doctor.)

So some cool Christmas Miracles have happened over here!

1. Rene: He's a part member that comes to church. . .but doesn't really have much desire. BUT YESTERDAY he told Sister Crisanto he wants to get baptized in January. So that was cool. The other missionaries in the Branch have baptisms planned for the 24th. So we were like, "How about the 24th?" he said OK. But then after the lesson he asked if it could be sooner. So looks like we're now going for the 10th.

2. Loren. She's the granddaughter of a member, who, like Rene, is active in the Church but not active in Desire. But she's made a New Year's Resolution to change her attitude. And she's decided the best way to do that is to be baptized. 

3. Roena and Loni. Two Less-actives that came for the first time in a while now. There is a lot of Less-Active work around here, which is really enjoyable when they actually start returning. :)

So.. .. . .

Yeah. That's it. 

I'm good. Life is good. The New year is in. . . 3 days. Crazy!

So the Church is true. 
Love you all, 
Sister Smith

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