08 December 2014

Letter 58: Don't Worry, I'm Totally Fine

Maayong Aga sa akon Panimalay kag mga Abyan, 

First things first, I did in fact survive my first Super Typhoon (I've been through over 20 or so normal just rainy typhoons, but it's the windy super typhoons. . .those are the ones that make international news) 

We got a call from the ZLs on Wednesday (during exchanges with my favorite Australian! Sister Scicluna) And were told to "Be Prepared" have enough drinking water for a week, have enough water stocked up for taking showers if our running water doesn't work for a few days, have completed 72 hour kits and everything. Because this New Super Typhoon was supposed to be faster than Yolanda was last year, and was supposed to go over the exact same path or just hit Japan instead. And if it was too hit us, it would hit on Sunday, or maybe Saturday. (According to the area presidency)

It's interesting all the different information that goes out. We were told "it's coming tomorrow, on Thursday" by people listening to the Radio. Others said, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, maybe even Monday. But the most interesting thing I really learned about people this week is how they react to such news. For me, it felt like there was something kinda evil in the air, a feeling that's really hard to explain. . that feeling you get when you know something bad is gonna happen, bala? Anyway, you could tell some where feeling that too. But then there were others, who were treating everything so lightly, like it wouldn't be a problem at all. 

By the way, Guimaras is small island, but it's Mountainous, so normally, if there are windy typhoons, Guimaras isn't that affected because of the mountainous terrain and it doesn't really even flood either. So last year, when Estancia (a place in Northern Iloilo) was completely destroyed by Yolanda, Guimaras was left fairly unharmed. 

So Thursday, nothing happened. Same with Friday. Then we were told it could possibly come Saturday around 6. Never did. We were told to be home by 5 or 6 (before dark) on Sunday. 

But the Baguio never came. Some rain did, but not a lot.

Currently (according to my companion's sister) it's up on Luzon. Down here, it's just cloudy. The Sun peaks through the grey every once in a while too, and some rain comes down every once in a while too.  

It seems rather anti-climatic, (So I didn't really actually experience a super typhoon. go figure.) but I've learned a few things. 

1) You can't trust all information. Just like Prophets, there are false prophets, and then there are 15 true blue, called of God, Set Apart as Prophets Seers and Revelators, holding the Priesthood authority and keys, and they make up the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve. They are the ones who say what Christ and Heavenly Father want said. I sustain them and know them to be called of God. They are the ones we should listen too when information is distorted. I didn't listen to any of the news from people on the streets. The Area Presidency was right. The storm came on Sunday, like they said it would. (even if it went more north than expected)

2) Always Be Prepared. Even though the Baguio (storm) didn't actually come, I'm thankful we were prepared. Imagine what would have happened if we hadn't! That's one of the   things that makes me sad, is this week I saw people who didn't listen to council, who just brushed it off as another calamity that wouldn't affect us because we're on "Guimaras." It makes me sad, because in this time, before the Coming of Christ, these storms will continue, and then one day, the people of Guimaras won't be so lucky. 

But despite the bad weather, Nanay Emma came to church! She's overcoming the things that keep her from church. Over the past few months, I've really seen their family change. Sister Scicluna mentioned it when she visited them with me during exchanges, she noticed that their house almost feels like the house of a member. It's the house of a family starting to keep the commandments of God, and can tell something is changing for the better there. Nanay wants to read so bad, but her youngest daughter broke her reading glasses forever ago. I've been watching the Pharmacy for months, waiting for their cheap pairs of reading glasses (for a buck fifty) to come in. They finally did I got her some for an early Christmas present. I probably won't be here when they get baptized. (transfers are the 18th by the way) But I'm so glad I've been able to teach them. :) They've become my Family here on Guimaras <3

I love you all, 
Have a great week, 

Sister Smith 
Lovely view from outside our front gate
How do you get a kid to stop crying? take pictures of him, he'll pose for you!
The Guimaras Zone!
Ps. hit 1 year in the Philippines on Wednesday! how cool is that?

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