15 December 2014

Letter 59: It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Happy Monday Family and Friends, 

(but for most of you. . .it's still Sunday!) 

Another week has come and by here on Guimaras. It went by really fast because on Wednesday were told something very interesting by President Aquino, "Today, do not think about missionary work!" and thus entered in the CHRISTMAS PARTY. It was mostly a trunkie for all the missionaries going home tomorrow. hahaha. But it was way fun. 
Sisters Aquino, Quent, Smith, kag Scicluna
It started out with each Zone with a play/skit/presentation. It was pretty great (The all Elders district from Kalibo totally won. they were absolutely hilarious) We put on "Elder Krueger's Christmas" our ZL was a disobedient missionary, visited by his "dead companion" and they visited Companion Past, Present, and Future. (by Future meaning Future Eternal companion.) the idea being, "The harder and more diligent you are on your mission, the cuter your future eternal companion" Thus, our Sabad (bad) elder had to change his ways, because his Future EC was not cute. 

My favorite part was when they visited the past and we found out why our mean Elder was mean: The Dear John. We used the name of an Elder who used to be Krueger's comp (Elder Rios) Pulled a "Best two years," type of deal. The best part was Elder Rios's reaction, because we didn't inform him. hahaha. 
His reaction  (Far Right)
Played games, Sung 12 Days of Christmas, had a Gift Exchange (got a cute little souvenir. a little house and stuff in a glass Cheez wiz jar. haha) Ate dinner (did not touch the blood pudding.) Some Missionaries sang, and then we watched the David Archuleta Music and the Spoken Word. (SAW DAD FIVE TIMES.) Sister Quent and I were like, "*sigh* Way better live!" The office elders played with glowsticks and fire for us. 

Slept over at the Sister's apartment in Oton, and then went home exhausted. Hahaha. Too much fun. :) :)

After that. . Went back to work! 

Edmar agreed to be baptized on the 25th (WHITE CHRISTMAS) even if Nanay and everyone else has to wait till January. I loved it, Nanay was like, "do it! You be the example!" and a few seconds later she finally said, 'Ok." with a smile on her face. 

Seriously. LOVE that family. They Came to church even though it rained (that's 2 weeks in a row. WOAH.) and Edmar caught the chicken pox.  Seriously. I love this family so much! I'm going to do my best to come back to this place :) 

Lost a dear friend of over a year this week. Payong. (aka. Umbrella) hahaha. fixed it with staples and ducttape over the past 3 months. . but it just finally died. Over 1 year later (that is so IMPRESSIVE. umbrella's last, like. . .3 to 6 months here) I bought a new one, it's one made specifically for keeping out the SUN. forgot to take a picture. It's really girly, I almost can't believe I bought it really. . .
Payong Ko
Remember how I talked about how strong Alma is and therefore trials will be coming?? Yep. they've been coming. It just stresses Sister Glori and I out. AS IN. Goodness. But let's ignore that and move onto happier things. 

Like a picture of a service project! Loving the Yellow Mormon Helping Hands Vests :)
Anyway. I love you all, 
The church is the MOST true thing you'll ever encounter here on the Earth. 
Christmas is almost here :)

Can I say again how much I love you all for your support? Love Love Love you all. (but not you Elders that read this. haha. I just appreciate your friendship. haha)

Sister Smith

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