02 February 2015

Letter 66: Loving the Locsins

Dearest Family and Friends, 

It's another week in Antique, and goodness, so much has happened!

First off all, a funny something happened with areas and transfers. 
Sister Haun is now going to "Die" (finish the mission) in Mandurriao. 
I was "Born" (started the mission) in the Mandurriao District. 
I'm Dying in San Jose, in the Area where Sister Quent was born, 
Sister Quent is dying in Oton, which is where Sister Jenkins was born, 
And Sister Jenkins died in Roxas, where Sister Haun was born.

Just a funny little thing that happened. 

So I have a new housemate, since Sister Haun has left. It's Sister Fepuleai! She's a Samoan from Australia, and she's pretty much hilarious. It's so loud in our house now! Hahaha. 
Today I just wanna talk about Crisphine. She came to church 2 or 3 times before we ever taught her and she is so so so prepared by the Lord. She's not from San Jose, but her long time boyfriend, JanJan, is. JanJan is LA, and the Sibling of the very active Sister Locsin. Sister Locsin is the Wife of the Very Active Second Counselor in the Branch Presidency. Crisphine is also a classmate/friend of a Recent Convert, Aledine. So just because of the people she's been around for the past 6 years, she's just so open to everything. We've been visiting her pretty much everyday for the past 5 days, trying to teach her as much as possible, and commit her to read and pray a lot, because she's going to Iloilo Monday to Saturday for school and work, and is back only for Sunday (to come to church). Soo... we're pretty much going to have no contact with her, but she's determined to be baptized, so hopefully everything works out by the end of February. 

also in the Home of our beloved Locsin family is Sister Locsin's newly adopted sister, Shek. So Shek is eight and loves church, so Sister Loscin wants us to teach her. :) 

When we went over to teach Shek, President's Brother, Steve (who has moved in with his Brother from Negros to find a job here in Antique.) was there. Sister Locsin invited him to listen to the lesson, and so did we, and he did. He said a "Maybe next time" to church, but then came anyway yesterday! His first Gospel Principles Class topic? Eternal Marriage. (which ensued a lot of laughs, because unmarried Elder teaching the class,  made it that way. (actually. . . most everyone was making it funny))

So we went over and taught yesterday, and we talked to Crisphine again about when she wants to be baptized, and she's like, "ASAP." and we were like, "Hey Shek, do you want to be baptized?"  *shy/quiet nod of the head.* "Hey, Steve, what about you? Do you want to be baptized?" he was silent for a bit, and then Sister Locsin spoke up, "All the time you've been here you've been saying how you want to "Change". . so... get baptized!" which his reply was pretty "ok, sure."

So that's why I love the Locsin's house. A lot of missionary spirit is there, and it's one of those houses that you just love being in because of all the people inside :) 

Funny Story: President Locsin was reading his brand new mini Preach My Gospel while we taught, and then shared from it directly. 

Anyway, The Church is True, 

All My Love, 
Sister Smith

PS. The other night I had a moment of remembering something existed (I've forgotten a lot of things).  The minute we finished our nightly planning and filling out our area book, I rushed to the kitchen to make a One Eyed Monster! It was absolutely delicious.
One Eyed Monster!!!

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