16 February 2015

Letter 68: Happy Heart Heart!

That's what they say instead of saying "happy valentine's day!" Happy heart heart!

Dearest Panimalay kag mga Abyan, 

How are you all? I'm doing good. I had a wonderful Single Awareness Day (actually, wasn't even that single, I had a companion the entire day :D )

At first, it felt like one of those weeks in which we were just punted all day all week, but then by the end Sister Crisanto and I added up the numbers and were surprised that we hadn't really been punted at all! It's wonderful how Heavenly Father will always 

Crisphine is doing well in Mandurriao. we met with her on Sunday, and she's already in 2 Nephi. she loves that when she reads at night it eases away her stress from OJT and helps her sleep to be ready for the next day. Her testimony truly inspires me. We've agreed to extend her baptism to March, so that we don't rush the service, or make everyone stress over having it all thrown together. 

Shek will be baptized on Tuesday. She's excited, but says she's too shy to give her testimony. Well, you can't force a kid :) 
Shek and her brothers
None of these cool kids could keep a strait face!
 Things are going well. An on and off active/ less active member gave us four referrals on Saturday. The one we met is very interested. sister Erena has a wonderful testimony of referrals, she herself was one :)

Scary story: Nearly got attacked by an angry, barking, crazy dog! But luckily there's this thing called a missionary tag that's like a shield and protects you from danger! (so don't y'all worry. My heart went missing for a while cuz it ran away, but I'm alive.)

Horror story: I got an Evil email today from the office. I'm going to Manila in March! (background: If you are a foreign missionary serving in the Philippines, you have to have an x-ray done in Manila before you go home. So. . . my beloved batch will be traveling soon!)

In honor of Valentine's day: a big Palangga ko kamo! (I love you all!) 
If anyone out there is having a hard time loving people. . .Go on a mission! You'll find Charity (the Pure Love of Christ) truly enter your heart <3

The Church is True, Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, 

All's well in San Jose, 
Sister Smith

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