23 February 2015

Letter 69: Duro Natabo

Dear Family and Friends, 

That means, "A lot happened." It's been a busy week.

Monday we go out to work and then get a call from AP South, "Where are you? We're here in San Jose and Sister Aquino is inviting you for dinner."  and we were in the middle of a lesson with Brother Hernie who was asking some of those deep doctrinal questions that RCs tend to have. So we had to finish our lesson, and get all the way to the plaza from our FARTHEST area. Dinner was great :) I love eating with President and Sister Aquino :)

Tuesday we had interviews with President, we pretty much sat at the chapel all day (which was actually fine with me because I woke up with a fever that morning.) the newer missionaries in the mission cooked lunch (yay free lunch!)

Then we spent more time at the chapel because Shek (pronounced Shake, btw) got baptized! There are NO kids jumpsuits in San Jose (because all the other branches have borrowed them and not bothered giving them back). So we had to have some creative pant and sleeve rolling, but it was ok :) She also gave her Testimony!!! I was so so impressed, because Shek really is a shy kid, but she got up and could say that she knows the Church is true and that Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson are prophets of God in front of everyone :)
Shek and Manang Itik
Got invited to Lunch at Kiko's house. So happy about that (not about the food) because it means his LA mom is REALLY starting to open up to us. :)

Saturday we cleaned the chapel, and decorated for the one week late Valentines party. Elder Magno and I folded SO many Paper Roses. 
E. Carnahan and E. Magno
oh yeah, Went on Splits with the Traveling Assistances on Saturday too. :) Elder Carnahan joined us and I learned a lot from him :) especially about teaching people, not lessons. 

The Relief Society is getting it together and went on a Visiting Teaching Bragade on Sunday! I went out with Sister Melly and Josephine. Melly is 73 and went out ANYWAY! She kept bearing her testimony about things not related to the topic. . . :) but that's ok :) She's so sweet. 
Visiting Teaching :)
Hopefully it will get to the point where we don't have to go out with them, and the sisters here can stand on their own :)

There's more news. . . but I'm too lazy to write it all down. 

Love you all, 
The Church is true

Sister Smith
Cool Kids at Church

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