16 March 2015

Letter 72: Well That Was Unexpected

Sa akon Pamilya kag mga Abyan, 

So we got a call from the AP on Wednesday Morning. And the Unexpected happened (I Thought it would happen NEXT transfer) Sister Crisanto, my beloved companion, is Training. 

And since there's a new bata in the house. . .I got kicked out. 
All Packed in San Jose
We could say that I might have stomped my feet (I mean this literally) because I was kinda (not really kinda. more like absolutely) on the upset side of the idea of leaving San Jose because I had already totally set my heart on finishing my mission there. . . by Wednesday night I accepted God's plan for me and was ready to face my LAST area (whoa. I now officially have 4 areas. I never thought that would happen) and mentally and spiritually prepared myself to make a name for myself and be a fireball missionary by working hard like it's my first area again!

So at transfers I saw my old housemate, Sister Scicluna, and we started talking and were like, "Hey, we should be housemates again."
My FAVORITE Sister Scicluna
AND IT HAPPENED. We've gone to Roxas City :D and instead of me being her STL, she's MY STL, isn't it fun how things change?:D  Also, we went shopping for food, and she had culture shock like I did when I left Guimaras. Seriously, that island makes you forget what it's like to have luxuries. You learn to live on the bare necessities. (insert Mogli and Baloo singing here)

I'm back to speaking Ilonggo. It was WAY easier to switch back to Ilonggo from Kiniray-a (which is technically a different language, despite the similarities) And Capisnon (the language here) is almost exactly Ilonggo. It's just . . like 10 words different, but they totally understand those 10 Ilonggo words. . so it's no big deal. 
My Killer ;)
My new Companion is Sister Robertson :) She's Sister Quent's Trainee, and my great granddaughter by adoption (Sister Taufanga adopted Sister Cortina, and then Sister Cortina adopted Sister Robertson when Sister Quent transferred to Guimaras to be my housemate) So I'll be killed by family. Kinda like how I killed my Lola, Sister Fabella. So. . .I'm happy :)

She's Samoan (wasn't I with an islander this time last year? Yea, I was) And absolutely LOVES to LAUGH, our fellow missionaries call her Jollibee (which is the Filipino Mcdonalds) and the Members call her Kamatis (that's filipino for tomato) because of the Haka. You know, the "Ka Mate Ka Mate" thing? It sound like Camote (which is the sweet potato here that is delicious) and for some reason the members decided they like calling Sister Robertson a type of veggie :/ basta they really like to joke. And so does she, I don't think I've stopped smiling since I got here. It's really funny because everyone told her she'd be going (because she's been here 4.5 months, and she just got a new companion (Her old Trainer, Sister Cortina)) But instead Sister Cortina went to Iloilo, and and Sister Robertson looked through her yearbook and thought, "Hey, maybe I'll kill Sister Smith." So yeah, she had some revelation that I would be coming here.

She's done great work here in Roxas 2nd Ward. The area book is a little crazy, this used to be an Elder's area less than a year ago, but then in July it was taken over by some sisters for three months, closed for only a transfer or two, and then reopened by Sister Robertson and Sister Lauti 4 months ago. Yeah, so it's all just a bit mixed up in everything. Have I ever mentioned that I really don't like the area books of Elders? No offense to those Elders reading this. . . but I do not like your rushed updating. But I shouldn't expect too much from people who get home at 9pm. (yay 8 pm curfew for Sisters!)

My new residence reminds me of my first apartment. Small, kinda dirty, and old :) I missed it. It really helps you appreciate the blessings you've got, and that it doesn't matter if you are living in a house with 6 rooms or 2, a toilet that flushes or doesn't (instead you pour water into the bowl to flush it. yeah, it's more fun in the Philippines) just be thankful you've got a roof over your head. 

So I unpacked. . but We're moving the first week of April because we NEED a new house. (orders of stake president. orders of zone leaders, orders of mission president. The sisters have lived there too long, so we have to go. If missionaries live in one place too long, people start to realize that there are valuables like emergency funds and cameras inside. . . so we've been broken into and have to go) So my housemates will be searching later today. So I'll pack again. . get to a new house. . and probably not bother unpacking a second time. :/ 

Anyway, so my head still kinda hurts from the three hours from Antique to Iloilo, Three hours from Iloilo to Roxas. . and surprise, I'm going BACK to Iloilo in 4 hours to sleep over in Arevalo, and then Fly to MANILA tomorrow to go put my finger on a scanner . . and I think maybe sign some papers so that I can leave this country legally. I should be back in Roxas. . Tomorrow night. I'm pretty sure. Maybe Wednesday morning. depends on the flight plans I know nothing about. 

Basically I'm in the New Area adjustment stage, not knowing any one's name, where anything is, and just. . going with the flow. Life is good and so am I. :)

The Church is True, 
And everything attached with it. (The Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, the Plan of Salvation. The Whole Shebang. all of it )

I love you lots!

Sister Smith

ps. My last week Monday in San Jose, these three wonderful boys opened their mission calls! They're going to Australia Sydney South, Philippines Botu-an, and Australia Melbourne. They leave in June and July. Just wanted to send them a shout out of "Good luck! Man-an ko nga Matuod guid ang simbahan, kag Pinaka astig ang missionary work!"
Future Elders

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