02 March 2015

Letter 70: It's Beginning to Feel a lot like Summer

Dearest Family and Friends, 

This week was a VERY fast week. So Tuesday morning we found out that our beloved couple missionaries would be going home that afternoon, instead of in September. They said a quick farewell, and then left for Iloilo. Definitely missing them, and not just because I have to do my laundry by hand again. I promise.
The Sessions
Laba Time
We proceeded to have our district meeting, and then the Air Con gave me a very bad cold. . . So I didn't leave the house Wednesday or Thursday.  .. . Because my fever lasted all day Wednesday (I prayed that the Elders would come home from Iloilo faster, which is probably why their Ceres bus drove so fast it made them feel sick. . . That's the power of prayer!) and so Thursday was recovering. 

Rachel told me in a letter I always sound so happy. . .but so sick in all my letters home. . .Probably because that's what I am. . .A Happy Missionary who always catches a Cold. Actually, a lot of people here get sick when the weather changes, and it has been HOT. Goodness, It's way hotter than it was last year! 

Then Saturday was the Adult Session of District Conference, which made the day go fast. And then District Conference was really good and I think it was what a lot of members needed to hear about not just Believing, but Living the Gospel. 

Funny Story. So the President of the Philippines is President Noynoy Aquino. The President of Philippines Iloilo Mission is President Jaime Aquino. We absolutely love telling people that President Aquino will be coming to San Jose to attend and talk in District Conference. "REALLY? President Aquino? He's a member?" "Yes. Of course." "I can't believe it." "It's true." *five minutes later.* "So I really get to see President Noynoy?" "Nooo...." and then they get really confused. I'm pretty sure it beat my favorite joke of "alright, now we'll sing hymn 342"

Despite not working a bit, we had good lessons and saw people keep commitments and progress. We're doing well :)

The church is true, 
Love you all, 
Sister Smith

Walking walking walking

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