09 June 2014

Letter 32: Nagsaylo Kami!

To my Dearest Panimalay kag mga Abyan,

Nagsaylo kami sang mga balay is Ilonggo for "We moved!"

So an update that I haven't bothered writing about: For the past two months there has been DRAMA at our house. (let us just say that our electric bill was unfair. (unfair as in: double than what it should have been.)) After Drama drama drama, we got kicked out of our apartment (because our taggiya (Or: Owner/Caretaker) was unwilling to let us stay another two weeks, and our contract ended.) and our new apartment is not vacant until the 16th. 

So Here's how our week went. 

Monday: P-day. Everyone else started packing while I worked on my lesson for district meeting. (no time. so much stress. Not happy at my district leader for giving me about 4 days notice, and then I haven't had any time to prepare) Cried because I didn't feel prepared at all (haha. Me, stress, and public speaking don't go well together.)

Tuesday: Taught district meeting. (haha, that feels so long ago) My housemates saw just how unprepared I was and how nervous I was, they pretty much participated and said a lot of comments. It went well. Grateful for them. 

Got home, and was like, "We have to move tomorrow. I haven't packed ANYTHING." We got permission to pack the house for two hours. I now know that I can pack and get ready to leave for transfers in about an hour and fifteen minutes. However, dismantling beds, moving fans, desks, mattresses, chairs, and vanities takes. . much longer. We ended up packing ALL day. (went to one appointment) We also stayed up past 10:30 (with permission.) Our district leader and his companion (who live like. . .8 minutes away by walking?) helped dismantle the beds and everything. It was pretty much exhausting. 

Wednesday: MOVED. Because our new apartment is not vacant yet, we have been guests at the cute (Read: Small) house (condo?) of 2 Sisters about. . an hour away. Exhausting. Was seriously so tired when we went out to work, and while we were out I had a crazy headache. (lack of sleep) We now have to leave our area at about 7:15 instead of 8:00 to get home on time. and it's So Expensive. *sigh* I've been living out of a suitcase for the past week. And we've been eating lunch at a members' house everyday (we've pretty much been paying for lunch, but she's been cooking. So Nice!) because we don't want to be even more of an inconvenience to our hosts. 

After that, it's kinda been. . Normal. We've adjusted. It was funny, we went to an investigator, and she was like, "What happened to you two? You didn't come by on Tuesday OR Wednesday!" "ah, sorry sister, we moved!"

And then we just found out yesterday that instead of moving on the 16th, we will be moving TOMORROW! YAY! (we found this out, after the office elder joked with us, saying we'd be staying until July. That's probably why I'm so happy, because I totally believed him.) After Zone Training. It will be so nice to be living in our ward again (we still won't live in our area. It's our housemates' area. But the new apartment is three minutes closer to our area, and has access to both the main roads we use, instead of just one.) 

Let's see. . .What else happened? 

After coming to church 6 times in a row, we TAUGHT ALEX. It was such a great lesson. It was simple (of course) I taught, and I interpreted for Sister Taufanga as she testified (we'll figure out how to get her to teach too. so that it's just not me) haha, I was like, "In English." So much easier to interpret English. because in my head it's English -> ASL. Instead of Ilonggo -> English -> ASL. And he accepted a Baptismal Date! He says (signs. for those of you that are critical) that he knows it's true. and I'm so excited. :)

This week has been so great. This area has been SO Challenging (six months. No baptisms. and most of our teaching pool has dropped themselves and we've been having a hard time finding solid/interested new investigators) But it's been so rewarding, I've learned so much. and I'm so thankful for everything I've learned here. I know I'm here for reasons and for people. (ie. Alex) and I just LOVE this Mission, and this country. But Most of all: My Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Love you all, 

-Sister Smith

P.S. The Church is true. 

P.P.S. Sorry, No pictures. This computer doesn't have a connector thing. . . plug? outlet? What's the English word I'm looking for?

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