02 June 2014

Letter 31: We Believe in Meetings, We Hope to Endure All Meetings

(isn't that how the 14th Article of Faith goes?)

Dearest Panimalay kag mga Abyan, 

Lots of Meetings this week! On Tuesday we went to District Meeting, and basically three minutes after it ended we left and headed to the Mission Office for Trainers and Trainees Meeting! And then on Thursday, we had Zone Conference! (which thankfully was just 3 minutes away in the chapel down the street, instead of the mission office. Which is 40-60 minutes away (depending on traffic)) So last night when we were sending in our numbers I was like, "Why are they so low? . . . Oh yeah. We didn't proselyte very much." 
Our (not so) New District. Actually, we're exactly the same, just added on two Elders.
Trainers and Trainees was fun. There were 18 Elders and just Sister Taufanga and I. Yeah, it was really different from my batch to come in. Just three little American Sisters. I haven't felt so short in a long time! (like seriously, are people really that tall? I think I might get squished like a bug when I get home) 

Zone Conference: Got me motivated to invite EVERYONE to be baptized. As is every single first lesson. It's taking some courage, and I haven't invited all new investigators, but I'm working on it. I really want to be that Challenging and Testifying Missionary. 

Also, President Aquino's Training "The Doctrine of the Family," would be better labeled as "Marriage Preparation." (no jokes here. I'm completely serious) I thought it was great. Haha. Lets see if I can paraphrase some of my favorite things he said: 
-"Right now you are missionaries. This doctrine is for your Eyes only. No Practicing." 
-"And just like in your mission, every week you'll have "Companionship Inventory. Friday nights you'll go out on a date! Even if it's sitting on the front porch (with the door locked) and you talk while enjoying some soda and crackers."
- "Be Patient. Or else you will become a Patient." 
 President Aquino is really funny :D

To answer everyone's question: No, We STILL haven't taught Alex. (but he has come to church five times in a row. Maybe next Sunday we'll just prepare the font for him ;] )

Reynier stopped smoking (now let's just pray he can keep it up for 4 weeks. I really really want to have one baptism before I leave this area in July) And was actually on time enough to church to make it to Elders Quorum. 

I've gotten really bit this week. I do NOT like mga Lamok (mosquitoes). Or the GIGANTIC red ants. I've also got a ton of Freckles! Like, seriously, I've never had freckles this dark on my legs before! (my knees are still blindingly white. hahaha.) 

It's weird to think that school is ending over in the states. Public school literally starts TODAY here. (Private/nicer Schools start next week instead) 


Love you all. The Gospel's True. Thank you for all your testimonies and examples always. 

Love Forever, 

Sister Smith

Ps. To Kristin Massé: I don't know your Email, But thank you for the mail! Especially for the CD. I've missed music! 

Sister Taufanga had never seen a monkey (amo') before. 

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