23 June 2014

Letter 34: Updates

Dearest Panimalay kag mga Abyan,

It's Monday (for you it's still Sunday. haha) AGAIN? Where does the time go? it's just WAY too fast. 

Let's see what things I can remember, and try to spew it all into this email. 

The Bible Update: I forgot to mention that last week I finished the Old Testament! It was FABULOUS. And Now I'm in Matthew! The hard part about reading Seven pages of the OT everyday was that it gives you a headache. The hard part about reading seven pages a day of the NT is that there's just too much to soak in. And I started reading Jesus the Christ along with it. Seriously, I'm so glad we were challenged (and then later ordered) to read all four standard works. I've never understood doctrine so well, or felt so close to Our Savior. 

The Alex Update: Alex is doing great! He quit drinking coffee. Just went cold turkey! And we only have contact with him once a week! He's going to be baptized at the end of July or beginning of August. (his lessons are a bit slow.) The Bishopric wants to know what's going to happen to him after I transfer.. . Yeah, that's going to be an interesting thing. . No Members here sign. . only a few of the missionaries. (there is usually at least one missionary who signs near by, because there are deaf Members in Antique, so they pick up ASL or FSL.) That will be an adventure. Maybe I'll just serve here my entire mission. 

the Weather Update: The rainy season is starting. It rains every other day or so now. And almost every night. I like it, It's nice and cool (but for everyone else: Still hot. not too hot, but hot.) My umbrella is great, but when it rains, I still get wet. I might buy one of those huge ones. . but then I'm reluctant to carry it around, because I can't stick it in my bag like the one I have now. . Choices, Choices, Choices. 

How long I've been in the Area Update: 201 days. (yes. I'm counting.)

How long I've been a Missionary Update: 242 Days (this number may or may not be off. I'm not sure. . Because I lost a day in the flight here. . but will get it back on the way home. . .) 

How many Days I have Left Update: 302 (or so) 

A Sister Taufanga Update: We're almost done with TRAINING. Whoa, that went by fast. We're behind on the 12 week program (emergencies happen, and our companionship study suffers.. .) but are pushing forward. Week 12 (this week) is just fun, we get to watch The District 2. Which is always fun. 

Laundry Update: I'm too lazy to do my laundry by hand now. I do my whites by hand still, but I take the rest of  my clothes to the Laundry shop. So totally worth the 90 pesos, because I'm LAZY. 

Funny Story of the Week Update: President came by, accidentally drove his car into the channel/ditch/sewer. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture. 

Allergy Update: Don't know why, but My Allergies are acting up. Or maybe I'm getting a cold again. The rain here is NOT clean, and WILL get you sick. 

Me Update:  I Eat Mcdo (mcdonalds) here more than I ever did in the states because Filipinos love it. I'm happy. I can't speak English anymore. (I'm sure my letters are full of terrible grammar and simple words because I can't remember words like 'serendipity" anymore.) I love here. 

I love you all. (I say Y'all now, when speaking in English because Ka and Kamo mean You and You (plural) and it matters to me now.. . .)

-Sister Smith

We've been playing volleyball every p-day morning for like.. . the past four weeks. One of the reasons I haven't had time to do ANYTHING. (no letter writing, my journal thinks it's Friday. I really need to clean and organize my desk. . . no time at all.)

From Exchanges last week! Two exchanges in one house = FUN. 

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