30 June 2014

Letter 35: Time Flies Like an Arrow, Fruit Flies Like a Banana

Where to start. . .oh yeah, the Letter Heading. Haha 

Dearest Panimalay kag mga Abyan, 

Guess What?? I've been living in the Philippines for SEVEN MONTHS. Crazy how time flies, isn't it? (We've switched to our new planners, and now I can't go through my old one because I totally left the old one at the house. oh no.)

This week was a great one, way more member present lessons than I've had in a long time! 

We had a member take us to some of her distant family members, and . . .not many of them are interested (hahaha.) But, there is one who has great potential. He had a Near Death Experience two weeks ago and is looking for answers and meaning in life. (Well sir, we definitely have that!) 

We went back for a return appointment yesterday, and all the grandchildren were like, "Gusto namon nga mabati sa imo nga magInglis!" (We want to hear you speak English. or they said somethings along the lines of "What does your English Sound like?") and I started to reply in Ilonggo, and then halfway through switched to English. Haha, they were mesmerized. 

We had a "One day mission" with the ward. It went Okay. I think it was really just to show Bishop what he needs to do for next time, how the activity can improve. The idea was great, and the intent was pure, just needed a bit more preparation. Like Preach My Gospel Says, " The Members know What to do, but the Missionaries know How to do it."

Woah, where did the time go? I only have Five minutes left!

Sigi, Fast typing. . . GO!

Alex is doing great! Two weeks coffee free and he's in Mosiah 2 of the Book of Mormon. He's really progressing, and we actually have an appointment with him this week on wednesday (I'm praying we're not punted) Which really needs to happen so that we can teach him ALL the lessons before he's baptized. (and they just made a Change to PMG that I just read. We have to teach him Lesson five before baptism, instead of just after. . .making things more complicated for us. But! - The Lord's ways are higher than our ways.)

sorry. . . kinda short letter this week. . too much to do! 

And no pictures ): Sorry. . again. (I'm terrible) Remember how four weeks ago we moved and were temporary homeless staying an hour away from our area? Well, I accidentally left my camera charger at that house.. and didn't realize that until I couldn't find it this week when I saw that my camera battery was getting low (my camera battery lasts a long time. . .) . . The other Sisters did find it, but forgot to bring it to church. . . So I've been camera-less for the past week. (which is sad, because I'm leaving this place in three days) Now it's going to be an interesting adventure of getting it before transfer meeting. . *sigh* I miss taking pictures. . .

Love ya'll

The Church is true. 

-Sister Smith

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