16 June 2014

Letter 33: Change. Change is Good.

(I can't keep track of Letter Numbers anymore. Budlay!)

Dearest Family and Friends,

If there's something I've learned on my mission, it's that CHANGE is a Good thing. That Repentance is real, and that anyone and everyone can change, including me. 

Back when everyone wanted to know why I would be serving a mission, I always said, "I want to grow up with the Lord by my side.' I didn't realize at the time, that that would mean making changes for myself. Haha, isn't that a part of growing up? Changing? 

I've been reflecting the last 6.5 months here. It's been a long time. (I may or may not be a tiny bit area trunkie) Actually, with everyone asking me, "What? You've been there 5 transfers? Aren't you trunkie yet?" Has only helped me realized just how much I LOVE this place. At times, I'm ready for something new, but then I don't want to go. 

The same with me. I've been wanting to change, be more Christlike and more mature. But just like I told our Investigator on Sunday, Change is Hard, but that's why we have Christ to help us repent and become someone worthy to be called His Representative and His Disciple. 

I actually was in an investigator's shoes this week. My housemates tried to force me to change. I did a little, but after more force, I became very stubborn. I've really learned something about Inviting. As Missionaries, we Invite. And sometimes I think I forget I'm not here to push others into a Baptismal Font. (haha) 

Needless to say, for me it's been a really enlightening week. 

We Dropped Reynier. That was an interesting lesson. Also about how we need to change. (like I said. Enlightening week. sometimes I think lessons we teach investigators are really for me) Basically, it was, "You can't go back to being the same person you were after baptism." "Well then I don't want to get baptized." oh well. 

Alex committed to stop drinking coffee! That was such a good lesson. At first he was like, "NO WAY." but after promising blessings, talking about how it's a commandment, and just overall testifying, he committed too, signing that he knows he needs to to be closer to Heavenly Father.  Talk about Awesome!

We moved! YAY!! NEW HOUSE! it's nice. I like it. I'd send pictures. But this computer doesn't have a USB port (thank you Liesl, for helping me recover my English.)

Had Exchanges! That was super fun! one of the companionships in the house I went to also had exchanges, and I got to hang out with Sister Lewis! (my first housemate). It was a blast, because everyone had at least already been companions, housemates, or served in the same area as someone. It was a great time reminiscing, talking about the people in previous and current areas. Sadya gid. (super fun) 

Well, now I'm off to SM. We have to copy the house key, so that the other sisters don't have to wait for us to come home anymore. 

Love you all! 

Have a great week! The Church is true! 

-Sister Smith

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